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Queenie Ponders 2016

Posted in Uncategorized on January 2, 2016 by Queenie

I’m basically against, or at least neutral about, New Year’s resolutions. A hidden trap is laid beneath the web of good intentions that would provide an improved walkway for us over our own pit of foibles. Too often we view our pathway with at first a new luster fueled by Hope, only to see it fade and the holes appear after a few short weeks, or perhaps even days. They don’t call them pitfalls for nothing. Then we find ourselves flapping around in familiar mud, and damning the whole business. January starts bright and dirties itself up in quick order, and then we start listening to the news again. Fie.

All that said, here is my Quick List for 2016.

•Write more. Write more often.

•Take more pictures. Play with them. Hone a new style, a new direction. (I have ideas here.)

•Clean my house better. Makes the thought of company less horrific, and I’d really enjoy more company. Mostly.

•Love everybody more. (Until the point that you’re hurting yourself, and that’s a whole ‘nother topic.)

•Never give up. (See directly above.)

•Live in the Now, with proper respect for the lessons and gifts of the Past, (sometimes the same thing), and likewise preparation for the Future, even though it’s never guaranteed. Ask that guy whose bed fell into the sinkhole with him still in it. Talk about a pitfall.

•Take better care of my body. Use it. Exercise it. Respect it. Bless it. New parts aren’t readily available like that fuel pump in Arty that found me stranded a couple of times last year, and that was expensive enough.

•Continue to Think Big. (Never a hard one, except sometimes for the doing of it.)

•Continue to believe in Love, and Miracles, especially the ones we can facilitate.

•Piss on Fear. But have proper respect for Caution when it is needed.

•Never forget Gratitude. Express it. Say it. Live it.

•Take some chances.

•Get back to singing and playing guitar, and write some new songs for Cripes sake.

•Create. Create create create.



Surely that’s enough for a start, though likely more will appear in short time. Every post doesn’t have to be a star epistle. Sometimes a few words can say as much as a diatribe. And I do have to say that I, WE, must continue (or START) to protect the planet. The best intentions in the world won’t mean much if we don’t have a world. Breathe much today?

And now, Onward! I have commodes to scrub.

Peace out, Y’all. Happy New Year.