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Contrary to All Appearances….

Posted in Uncategorized on June 3, 2013 by Queenie

….Queenie has not left the building. Interestingly, my spiritual guru-like folks tell me that this month is a time of Transition. I seem to be transitioning right and left, with some ups and downs and diagonals thrown in for good measure.

It may be that not so much has happened that you could point at and say: Done! But things are happening, no doubt about it. The writing bug has bit hard, though you’d wonder about that if you’re looking for much evident in the environs. May I suggest that you wander over to my other blog, The Last Stand at the SSR, and get an idea of what’s been going on around the home front.

The big news around here is that I have gone and decided to write another book, and in a few months I’ll be able to show you what I did on my summer vacation. If you haven’t seen it elsewhere, this will give you a strong clue as to the direction this is taking, but be advised this is now the second version of the cover:


Queenie TEY Cover 2


Although I was quite sure I was going on with my Chick Movie book, this project just up and took hold, and I aim to see it though. Seems I have some very many photographs languishing away in boxes, the stories of which are just waiting to be brought to light – though some may say exhumed. I intend to go back a couple of generations and include my maternal grandparents, for they were a large part of my formation, ridiculous as some of it may have been.

Much of my life can only be described as ridiculous, but the more I talk with fellow humans, and read books of a similar ilk, I discover that we are all floating down the river of life in likewise leaky vessels. Or perhaps we were already adrift in our childhoods when we had little or really no control over the everyday happenings. It’s very interesting, that word again, how our childhoods shape us into these various personality groups and types as proposed by those people with letters after their names. I have been properly stunned, many times, to be reading along in some self-help doctrine about how things work (or don’t) and get to be the way they are, and find myself described to a T.  Or maybe to an L. More likely a Q. I believe it’s only when we are fairly free of the shackles of our childhood, (if we indeed had such things), that we begin to seriously get at the core of who, or what, we were meant to be. I also believe that some or many of us never really make it there. Wise are the ones who make it young, and can handle success of whatever variety, but the numbers of us late-bloomers are legion.

This book thing is indeed still in the late pregnancy or very early birthing stage. I am generally of the type who spills the beans all over the floor, being probably unduly loose about the facts of me. I mean I don’t go out and tell everyone who might listen the deep and dire (and ridiculous) stories about my long past, but I perfectly understand those who do so by way of stories and novels. It seems to me the depth of disclosure is perhaps a way of revealing that the author survived such situations, and surely the dear reader can, too. It’s sort of a Beacon of Hope kind of thing, hopefully related with a good bit of humor. So I am planning to dig through all these old photos and resurrect part of my past, and include some pertinent stories with these highly entertaining images. Talking with the Queen Mum last night and earlier today, attempting to unearth some of the details for the telling, I find myself up against a hard wall when it comes to her wanting any of the gory details to come out. (Well, nothing involves murder or torture or anything beyond ill advised made-for-TV movies, which are entirely more ludicrous than my life, but I’m not saying jail time wasn’t involved.) Out of total respect for her, I’m going to have to dance around a few things, and that’s fine. There is still plenty of material.

I’m now wondering if this blog isn’t going to turn into one of those play within a play things, wherein I tell the story of the telling of the story. I’m not sure how it’s all to find flesh to the bones, so we shall all find out together. Meantime, I’ll find a way to keep interest up in such a project via Teasers and Tales, and keep the option open to pontificate at Will, (remember him?), on other occasions.

All that being said, here’s one of those teasers, that being another of the childhood pics, in which I display my early aptitude for reading, sauntering, a flair for hats, and a propensity for parading topless through the neighborhood – although I’m not sure what to say about my choice in walking shoes. Thank goodness the hat darkens my face so that no one can recognize me.


Walking Shoes Blog


I’m sure that’s quite enough for one sitting. Who knows what will be next.

Peace, Y’all. This is going to be fun.