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Hello…. Remember Moi?

Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2012 by Queenie

I am astounded to check my official blog stats and see that anyone has paid any attention to me at all. I have been Author in Absentia for so long that I feel I must practically, or impractically so, start all over again. Last post on the Ides of March? Positively scandalous. It does little or no good at all to plead Facebook Insanity, and sounds patently pathetic to say that it’s just easy to post news flashes there, when there are, of course, those of you out in the hinterlands who have been waiting for months to have a crumb tossed your way, (or maybe not), and you have nothing to do with Facebook. That may be totally to your credit, I might add.

But while traveling about for March and well into April, followed by two intense art shows in different locales, it has been “easier” to toss some pithy updates – with a few pictures, too – out to the FB ethers and keep those folks abreast of the current developments. Not that you’re waiting with baited breath or anything. And what in holy hell does THAT mean anyway?

So…. with several weeks in a row at the home front now available to me, I pledge to update dang near every aspect of my life, royal or not. Well, almost everything. There are tales to tell, adventures aplenty, and new wrinkles (the good kind) on my horizon. And here then, my pledge to BE BACK SOON, with details. This feels a bit like the old days in college when I would sheepishly creep and crawl back into the classroom after cutting class for entirely too long. Time to Queen Up, and face the music. And the good thing? There is indeed music involved, or will be. Tantalizing tidbit Number 1.

Why, I’m even going to get all Responsible and post a quote for May, even though it has only a couple of days to be seen. But it IS still May, so there. Queenie is picking up her scepter and swishing her royal cape, and assuming her duties. Watch out y’all. Words a-comin’!

And speaking of music, and just so’s you can have a bit of a thrill, and thanks to camera work by Malomama pal Shirley, here’s proof of recent good times…

The girls with newly reunited Mavericks lead guitarist and vocalist Eddie Perez.  Eat your heart out ladies.

And oh yes, that Raul fellow was there, too.

Dang, should’ve worn my hat! Absolutely fabulous concert. Y’all go see the Mavericks if you want your socks found in another county.

May I say that life is just pretty swell?

Peace, y’all. And good times.