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Nothing Vs. Piles

Posted in Uncategorized on February 7, 2013 by Queenie

I don’t do NOTHING very well. I mean, it would seem I do, for I have squandered copious hours lollygagging my way to nowhere doing nothing at all, and have pretty much nothing to show for it. Nothing, apparently, begets even more nothingness.

Now there are bound to be times when doing nothing is just what the doctor ordered, and ofttimes just exactly that happens. The doctor, in his vast training and experience, sees fit to order his patient to do exactly nothing, and a lot of it. I prescribed that to my very own self after the Christmas art show, thinking I had deserved a positive sentence of nothingness, self-administered. And following those orders for at least as many days as I had participated in that big art show – either in preparation, actually being on site, (smiling and interacting of course), and then packing and bringing it mostly all back home. One does hope for sales of great enough magnitude to lighten the load homeward. One always hopes.

That gift of reprieve after the days of intensity – of day after day of mostly nothing, interrupted by a few Have Tos and then some lunches and a couple of movies – usually equates to the month of January. I just looked up to discover than January is much too long gone for me to be honoring Nothing one bit longer, so here we go. However, I am going to remember that I no longer go from 0 to 60 in well executed moments or movements, and know I must savor the slow, but deliberate, start. Throwing my back out, (or my brain), will do no one any good a’tall.

I have gotten to the point where an overdose of doing nothing has begun to bring on negative palpables. I feel myself slipping towards something that looks to be an abyss, or surely just something that isn’t such a pleasurable resting place. Maybe something like that ship that stayed in the doldrums for too long, then found itself restless and taken by the winds, only to find itself breached on the rocks which poke and rub very raw. Maybe it’s just bedsores.

So I’ve been rising myself to an occasion or two, seen a few friends, made a few lists, and moved one gigantic pile in the Art Room into several lesser piles of what I deem to be manageable sizes. There surely is some sort of order to them, even though to the untrained eye, (or one that had been watching Hoarders), it would be suspicious and likely reported as aberrant behavior.

Herewith, A Portion of the Piles. I include this only to shame myself and then redeem myself in due time by posting the organized, exposed art table in the nearish future. Otherwise I am entirely pitiful.



I’ve been casting attention to the little shed out there, knowing all too well that it has only one of four sides painted. There need be little else said about that.

And it’s so crazily warm in February that it is a false or way too early Spring, neither of which will do right by the flowers and trees. But it sure makes for some gorgeous weather in which to do things outdoors, or just get one’s arse Out There where brisk walks or sumptuous saunters can be purchased for absolute free. I’ve already gotten better about taking the dogs down to the unlake, where we dance or stumble our way over the rocks to the far part of the cove where there is enough water to throw sticks and Frisbees into the depths for Sandy to fetch. She’d swim even if were iced. Crazy dog. And Dalton willingly wades, though he hasn’t quite enough clues about this water thing, really, and he dips his very long nose till he hits eyeballs, swings his head back and forth like he does with that ball, and blows bubbles. At some point I believe he discovers he must breathe. I don’t know what I’d do if I had “normal” animals.

Stay tuned. No telling what’s going to happen next, though there is rumor of a little Road Trip to West Texas, purely for fun and no Have To’s involved. Hopefully I manage some Somethings, and let those Nothings drift away.

Onward, Y’all.