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What Price Sleeping? (Soapbox Alert)

Posted in Uncategorized on February 2, 2014 by Queenie

I am in such a state of mind. I’m paying a lot of attention to the state of things, maybe mostly about the rapidity and NOT ending assault on the planet, and how we are literally killing the planet (and therefore ourselves) in an unprecedented and totally unaccountable fashion, and I can’t get my jaw off the floor. I sense an imminent doom, I mean possibly within my generation, or at least the next, and I sit gobsmacked and incredulous. Yet we, “the we that seem to run things, or not care,” just waddle along and distract ourselves with more wars, more games, more shootings, the latest celebrity death, as the fabric of the world that supports us is just ripped beyond salvageable shreds. It’s horrifying. Yet truly it is MOVE ALONG NOW, NOTHING TO SEE Time in America, and most everywhere else.

I wish we were spending as much time on the chemical spill in West Virginia, and how it’s just really not over, and how…. oh never mind, details available if you want them… instead of the sad, wasteful death of a movie celebrity. I wish someone would bat an eye (or OPEN them) when the fellow who destroyed the records about the Gulf oil platform debacle is sentenced to a pat on the wrist, (not even a slap), instead of getting all apoplectic about another celebrity’s sex life. There’s also another train derailment with toxic chemicals and the worst of crude oil from Canada, but nobody cares because today is ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL. I know we need distractions and entertainment, (said by the one who is hauling butt and brain to West Texas in a few weeks to try to get a grip on sanity), but for cripe’s sake, the West Coast is out of water. And what water there is in West Virginia, even if there is plenty of it, is poisoned…..although we’re told it’s safe, and don’t you like the smell of licorice? Um, no, always hated licorice, as a matter of fact. And uh, I also read today that the oceans will be toxic and devoid of life, or sustaining life, and that would be US, by 2040-something. Even if that’s only possible, don’t you think we might look into it? But then, what do you hear about Fukishima? Oh right, move along now, nothing to report. And Fracking is Fabulous, unless you’re fond of that water stuff – the drinkable kind. If you want to light it, you might be in luck.

I know I am sitting here spinning on my soapbox on a cold and dreary, blustery day, when I’m supposed to be whoopin’ it up and picking a football team, and eating neon cheese and salsa, (you did hear there is a Velveeta shortage, right, and there is the GOOD news in the midst of all this mess), but earlier today I also read that there were, or are, are might be, nuclear attacks planned for New York, and if not that, the super volcano in Yellowstone, any of which will bring us to our knees. Pick your calamity – even if the fake ones are not making us crazy, the real ones are going to get us. We can’t even define “real” anymore. For the first time in my life experience, we are debating and denying Science because it has become political, or dare I say, religious. Dear gawd, (intentional irony), don’t get me started on religion. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms. And you do know that the can that the tomato and chili salsa comes in to be united with the neon cheese is also tainted and dangerous to us, right?

We are so barraged with the hazards of Life As We Have Made It that we can no longer take it in, and I guess that’s part of the issue. I heard once: If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. My BS meter is beyond broke – overstressed. Like me. Seriously, I am an optimist by Nature, a happy endings gal, but it’s hard to be an optimist and a realist in the same sentence. I want to sing, and dance, and ride the rivers and take fantastic images of our incredible world, but I am shaken and off balance. And sick of it. And soon from it?

Please, can we just pay attention? And maybe, just maybe, DO SOMETHING?!

Come to think of it, Imminent Doom sounds a little like Eminent Domain. Just sayin’.