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Time and Excuses Don’t Mix

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2009 by Queenie

Queenie apologizes to her faithful readers, who must be wondering what well I have fallen into of late.  What I would offer next would be a plethora of meaningless drivel saying only that I’ve been too busy, and what a lame offering that is.  I’ve been known to shout from the heights that we make time for what we want to do, so what does that say about my devotion to my missives here?  Not so much, I’m sorry to say…. again.  So I will at least and at last make an appearance, so that any rumors that I have fled to exciting vistas far away are put to rest.  Not that I wouldn’t be ready for a good Road Trip at most any given moment, but alas, that hasn’t been the case.

Ah, but some news is good, indeed.  After weeks of tinkering and tweaking and many miles back and forth to the printers of my almost birthed project, Ta DAH….. it looks like my little book will see the light of dawn in the coming days.  I will be published!  And pre-orders have been rolling in.  Queenie is all aflutter and may I say quite pleased with this first hold in the hand evidence of Doing What You Say You’re Going To Do.  I did it!  Good for me.

It’s been an interesting journey, paved with all the usual hallmarks of a life lived:  Spent Dreams, Sadness, Joy, Tears (buckets of ‘em), Friends, Love, Disappointment, Reality….. Look how many topics are ripe for the writing…. coming soon to a blog near you.  And I did start one about Disappointment, and it likely will appear here before too very long, as it is a subject that I have quite strong feelings about.  But for now, and happily so, I am quite proud of my own self for making this book happen.  It really was fast.  When the Coup de Gras of my fling with living life with blinders on was bestowed upon me, (self-prescribed I must say, and probably as an adjunct of finally pulling the red flags out of my eyes), the words just flowed out of me.  They HAD to – it was part of the healing, and the dealing.  Sometimes the Dealing IS the Healing, or at least the start of it.  Some of the words therein were written through a haze of tears – some were hard to get to because I was in the middle of standing tall and waving my Freedom flag, (and it’s hard to type and wave a flag at the same time), but writ they were, and there they be.  And it is almost done.  And I am just beginning – again.  One more time.  Because I AM still here, and that means something, and everything.

So bear with me as I continue through my labor and delivery, and we all begin again, or even continue on our mutual journeys of Discovery, Healing, and Being.  Being Who We Are, or perhaps gleaning those insights and actual grasping of Who We Were Meant To Be, and then to be it.  Sometimes it feels like a miracle.  A long time ago I wrote something along the line that to have a miracle in your life, all you need do is BE one.  Perhaps all of us are miracles in waiting…. WAITING…. For what are we waiting, after all?  For someone else to complete us?  No apologies to that cornball stuff spoken in Jerry McGuire – no one can complete us, but us.  We don’t have any more time to wait.  The clock is ticking.  And excuses are just that – pitiful excuses for waiting for our lives to begin.  The time is now.  Tick tock.

And now I shall have books to sign.  And right now, I have a life to live.  And so do you.  Get at it.