Record Low Pressure with a Chance of Enlightenment

3-11-13  Ones and Threes. Huh.

I snapped out of it on March 11th, which I soon determined to be the time of the New Moon, so surely there was something cosmic about this. I’ve been on a downward spiral, despite occasional splurts of hope and a bit of accomplishment, but mostly it’s been a period of serious moping about. Even running away from home, a Road Trip for gawd’s sake, did little to lighten the oppressive atmosphere, and I do believe I have been the center of the Low. I hope Living in the Low has come offsetting perks. Perhaps it was I, in my bottom hitting Low, that brought the rains last night. Why, we had an inch and a half, which was more than most anyone and everyone around us, and that is indeed an oddity. I’ll take it. I usually do.

I partook myself of an attitude adjustment tonight, and VIOLA, (pronounced VY OH LA in some parts), it hit me, square into my being and somewhere in the vicinity of my consciousness: I’ve been killing myself. Not dramatically or even purposely, although unless I admit to living my life by default instead of choice, I’ve been in a little drain circling syndrome lately. I’ve not been taking the best of care, and holding not nearly enough respect and gratitude for the gift that is being here. What some people wouldn’t give for that gift, and some have given everything. I had a girlfriend who said all the time: I hate my life. She was so sad and angry, and she was dead at 60. There you have it.

I immediately came to the conclusion that there was another direction to take – that, for the time being, I would climb the hell out of this mucky place and do the best that I can. Really. And then, someday, when and if the worst happens, whatever that worst might be, I could renegotiate my terms of being on the planet. I have been, in proud parlance, burning daylight, and daylight is getting in shorter and shorter supply – no matter what they say about that Daylight Savings business.

The fact that my birthday is fast approaching really seems to having nothing to do with any of this. It’s just another number, but my, how they keep a’coming. And one, this one, is going to have to get comfortable with that. It is, however, uncomfortable to come to the conclusion that you have issues – with all time periods: Past, Present, and Future. Good grief.

Here’s how to mess things up:

Regret your Past. Beat yourself up about it. Then dwell on that to the extent that you muck up your Present.

Or, Plan B. Worry about your Future. Obsess about it. Be so consumed with fear and sadness and loss yet to be… that you, (all together now), muck up your Present.

There it is folks, the very short course on How to Live your Life. It’s only when I come through one of those darkish parts that I feel compelled to wonder at and share the immediate lessons and enlightenments. Ha… I even wrote a book about it once, and now I need to read my own book, again. I have found that if I wait long enough between readings, there is a great likelihood that the meanings and what I take from them are entirely different than when they were written. And I am the author? Really, isn’t that interesting?

There have been enough upward ticks that there is evidence of Life, but still, I think I’ve worn wallow marks around the place. I am proud that the plants haven’t died, and there are indeed signs of progress.  I redid the Queen Mums outside handwalk by the back porch, in the process of cleaning it off and out, and I plan to further pretty it up. I do need to finish it so it will be entirely safe for her. It appears I’m living up to my Cedar Chopper heritage and that is a scary thought for sure. What my grandmother could do with chicken wire was an awesome and frightening thing. My mother has the same gene. Evidently I have some version of it, and I try to manage it and other episodes du jour. Except when I lose focus, and then Chaos just walks in the door, unnoticed for awhile. He just blends in with the clutter. After too long, if you don’t soon mend your attitude and subsequent actions, you don’t notice him at all. Not pretty. He’s running out of places to hide around here, although he doesn’t have to move very fast to keep ahead of me. At some point he’ll have to retreat to the garage, and then next door, where he should be safe for practically forever.

It is a plus of infinite measure that a friend is coming to the house and hanging out, and there is no greater Inspiration to Housecleaning than COMPANY. Welcome company, at that. It’s to be a great birthday weekend, with two, count ‘em, TWO Mavericks concerts, (that’s Raul Malo, for those in the know), and gatherings of friends and really….what could be better than that?

And so, in the interest of Science and/or Enlightenment, I just looked up what the New Moon had to do with all this. And here is what the Power Path folks had to say about it. (

The New Moon is Monday, March 11, 2013 at 12:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This new moon is like a still point with the energy winding down to a point of stillness. When you shut your computer down you close out of all programs and applications and then you need to reboot it to turn it back on. Those of you who leave your computer on all the time know that occasionally it is good to close it down in order to give everything a rest. If you think of your physical, emotional and energetic system as a computer, take this day and shut down. Give yourself a rest, a break, and some space. Do only what you absolutely have to and take the rest of the time to either do nothing or to do something that nurtures the instinctive part of you. We could even say that this is an instinctively centered day and it is OK to spend it in an instinctive way.

Many of you are feeling either bloated and sluggish, or dehydrated like a dried out husk. This is due to the fluidity of the times as they work with water on the outside and the inside of the system. Remember that this is a time of emotional movement. Watch your reactions and take responsibility for them. If you are bloated, cut down on salt as salt is a preservative and holds fluid in the body. If you feel dry and parched, add some minerals and electrolytes to your water and look at where you may be allowing yourself to be “sucked dry”. Most of all pay attention to balance and what you need to do for your own balance. Too much or too little of anything will throw you out of balance. Strive for the “just right”, no more, no less.

And don’t forget to move the body!


So, how’s them apples? As are usually the words from this particular source, right on the money. I vaguely remember reading this when it came out a bit ago, but so long past or so inattentively that I had little memory of it. I was surprised, and then not, to relate even more when I recalled that I had turned off my computer and my phone today – something that’s so not the “norm.” I simply had to insulate myself. I was in a snit and unhappy and wallowing today, and who likes HER? If I am thankful for anything it is that when I get in this state, it is like a virus that has to run its course, but that it’s usually fairly mercifully short lived. But this was way longer than was comfortable or profitable. Further analysis seems to waste more precious time, and I’d rather be creating. Even if it’s words. And a picture or two.

Road trip details to follow before too long. But before that, an “after” picture from one of my pile projects last mentioned. Just so you know it hasn’t been total Chaos or Entropy around the Slope.


Here’s to the New Moon. I feel better now. According the the stars, the Sun AND the Moon are entering into my birthday sign. Looks like it’s going to be a rocking weekend. And Mercury goes direct on my birthday. I’m not sure what all that means, but I’m pretty sure it’s all good.

Onward, Y’all. Pisces Rule! (At least for a little while.)


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