Life is Stranger than Truth, or a Chick Movie

I happened on another of those quotes that every now and then walks up beside me and then pokes me, demanding attention. As often is the case, its source was from a movie, but surprisingly not quite a chick movie, although it sort of had its moments. It was about a con man making his way around the country and into and out of the lives of others, only to be skunked in the end. Well, not so much skunked but uncovered, yet in the end he managed to redeem himself. I’m not sure of the end awaiting those who have wormed themselves into and out of my life, lately or even long ago, but I’m leaning heavily on Karma to do its job. Perhaps I have a history of attracting a certain brand of … of… oh, whatever they are, but luckily all have been survivable thus far.

But the words that hit me right between the eyes – right below where I have DUMB ASS emblazoned across my forehead: People only believe what you tell them. Well. Huh.

I’m having an interesting time now confronting and evaluating my Trust issues. I considered myself a pretty smart cookie, and had shaken my head and tut-tutted in the direction of several others of my female kin when they had wandered all moony-eyed off the path and into the brambles, propelled by the wake of some poor excuse for a man. I’d taken the course. I was immune. Uh huh. In due course I took my piggy bank off the shelf and started shaking out some quarters. Looked like it was time to get back on the ride.

And then that was that. Zap. Just like that. Huh.

So I don’t want to say I won’t play the game again. Luckily this last little adventure was short lived, and no real harm done. I figure at the least it’s a good source of material, which will be delved into in future detail that can’t be revealed in a public bloodletting. For the ridiculous and delicious story and tell almost all, any interested parties are going to have to pony up for the price of the book that is being born from all these antics, and some prior ones. It is, indeed, coming right along.

And such shenanigans have already hatched a song, started and may I say already finished, quite the accomplishment in itself. I don’t get songs out all that often, but I’m quite tickled at my own self when I manage to birth one. Surprisingly, yet again, it did not turn out to be a personal diatribe against one poor soul, but I took on the big picture — aforesaid inspiration from the anti-hero for sure, but also our insane wars, politics, fracking, global warming, bankers, lawyers, oil barons and the whole sorry bunch of them. I got a lot purged in only one song, but still honoring Positivity, mind you. Good for me.

But that one quote from the movie, (Catch Me If You Can, by the way, and you can hardly EVER go wrong with Tom Hanks), got me to pondering. People only believe what you tell them.  And don’t they just. It just depends on who’s doing the telling, and who’s listening to what, and the charms and intentions of the teller and the gullibility and trust and bulldookey detector of the tellee. The depth of the bulldookey that’s being ladled out lately is of astounding proportion. A great deal of the preponderance of the stuff at this particular time is due to the upcoming elections. I’ve been saying for a couple of decades at least that it just can’t get any worse. It has! Year after year.

I’m quite concerned with what is offered up these days as truth or innuendo and is but pervasive poppycock. It crosses boundaries over many disparate playing fields — politics, (of course), but there be ever more sources — bad science, hate speech, (disguised as “policy”), conspiracy theories, what passes for the news, and unfortunately, recently, some personal interaction that left me standing here with my face hanging out. The only thing I readily believe is a good UFO story, and surely that stretches what credibility I have left.

In one staccato scene of that movie, the following lines were spat out.

I wouldn’t lie to you.

You have to trust me on this.

Don’t make a mistake.

Keep pushing that lie. Keep pushing till you make it true.

Is that the truth?

I don’t understand.

Sometimes it’s easier living a lie.

Any and all of those lines came right out of my life. And maybe many of our lives. It would seem that we all just keep believing, until, like the Giant Lightbulb Moment appears above our very own heads, with accompanying Heavens opening up music……or car horns…..or that horrible scratched record sound they used to have on Ally McBeal.


I suppose we live for Enlightenment. Sometimes it comes with a wondrous smile, but more often with the two by four. Whack. Duh… Wha? Really? Seriously? Well, huh.

I don’t know whether to be pleased or horrified by the fact that I got whacked. I like to think that I am still willing to think the best of people until given all due process — until behaviors and facts convince me to get off the ride and put my quarters back in the piggy bank. I don’t aim to be jaded, even if my favorite color is green. I still want to believe in the Good, until comes the time that I find myself standing in the Bad, and then scraping it off my shoe and whatever else got splattered when the bulldookey hit the fan. If nothing else, perhaps my reaction time is quicker, and I don’t take a decade to wake up and smell the napalm in the morning.

So I had myself a little adventure with a good bit of genuine drama thrown in. Those of you who’ve been reading for a while know that drama is an ingredient I’d just as soon leave out of the mix. Nice to know that the old gal is still percolating, and danged if maybe Hope still does spring eternal, even though maybe not as high as it used to. Life still imitates Art, as long as art is just about as ridiculous as a chick movie. In the end, I just have to laugh.

The complete and total irony in watching this particular movie was that the anti-hero did indeed redeem himself and ended up working for the FBI. I never cease to be amazed at the ironic folly in my own life. If you want to know why all this is so howlingly funny, you’re just going to have to read my book. I’ll let you know when it’s out. Honestly, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Life does indeed go on. Stay tuned, y’all.


5 Responses to “Life is Stranger than Truth, or a Chick Movie”

  1. A good piece, dear one! Well shared 😉
    I am patiently awaiting the new book!

  2. Says:

    Good one Lex!!! Kathleen Marie

  3. Well now. I’ll wait for the book. But I am feeling all bristley now and ready to go stomp on the head of a certain someone who has, apparently, messed with your heart. Let me at ’em.

    • Oh my. You have NO idea. The more Enlightenment I receive on this particular chapter of my life, the lower my jaw drops to the floor. Yes, for a while amongst those who love me, there was talk of a posse, with members converging from across the country. However, I’m going to be content with Karma having its way. If Karma’s the real thing, we could sell tickets to this one. It may have to spill over into the next incarnation though, ’cause I don’t think he has enough years left for the Karma badges he’s going to get on his little sash this time. Like in Jaws….. he’s gonna have to get a bigger sash.

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