Here’s to TheQueen

Well, I’ve gone and done it.  Or not, actually.  July has come and gone, and nary a peep from me in these parts, though there were a few updates here and there on Facebook.  Facebook – an alien entity which once I disdained from afar, only to find myself joined in, and touching perhaps so many more souls than Queenie ever imagined.  But FB is hardly the place to bare much of my inner ruminations, even as I have avoided doing that right here.

July was a trip.  Or two trips, rather.  The first was the Royal Road Trip, filled to overflowing with experiences from one end of the spectrum to two others, feeling like I was running out of spectrums to experience.  I met up with TheQueen, my sister from some previous life or a parallel version of this one, and we had us some sublime adventures while touring the West that I so love.  I have been, shall we say, shocked into some version of silence and reticent to recount our whirlwind travel tales here, for she went and had herself a royal heart attack shortly after she returned to her own castle.  So easy, (but not), to toss off those words — She had a heart attack.  But she did.  And on this particular morning as I write these words on this offwhite viewscreen of cyberspace, she will receive the results of her latest tests which will direct her to the next step of her recovery.  And it may be more than a step – it could be a helluva journey.  We don’t know yet, but I cannot let the unknown dictate what I do or don’t say anymore, while we await some verdict and decisions.  To just wait seems as unholy as censuring myself in the darkness of the unknowns.  Perhaps it’s time to honor my new (but lifetimes long) friend with the snapshots of a few memories from the trail, as we await what comes next.


After barely catching my breath from that adventure, Duty called, (you know how Duty is, even as I say I love my work), and off I went again in mere days to my favorite art show in New Mexico.  Well, not quite the sublime experience, as vehicle problems and a spottily attended art show added to the cobbles on the road.  Too many extra expenses and too much tumult in show production made for perhaps a break-even proposition, and these past middle age bones are a bit too worn to go through all those gyrations for the “make your expenses” reward system.  And yet, there were many artists who didn’t do even that, so I must remember Gratitude for coming back whole, and not “in the hole.”  Thank you for that.  And for no broken elbows this year!  And still I hope for recompense for the first repair to Arty (my trusty show steed) which didn’t hold, and that will help some.  It was all just mighty frustrating….. but then, not nearly as “frustrating” as a heart attack, right?


And so I use the new month and the big #1 on the calendar to begin again.  I am grateful, again, to be home for a while.  No big exploits planned until October when it’s back to New Mexico for a Cowboy Art Adventure.  Not sure what they’d make of my abstract landscapes, but we may give them a chance to pull off their cowboy hats and scratch their heads and scrape their boots in the dirt over a few of them.  I’ll be sure to take plenty of Horses though.  However there will be a slight respite soon to venture down south to hear my favorite singer again as he makes an appearance next weekend – a surprise engagement that will get me on yet another road trip way sooner than I anticipated – but just a mini one.

Time for home projects and new art ideas and working with photographs and inspiration from different quarters.  It’s hot as Blue Hades here – naught but day after day of 100 degrees plus.  The lake is all but gone, and too hot for this Queen to try to work in the dead and dying yard that can’t get enough water that we can’t afford.  However, despite the heat and drought, we have big bucks in velvet and as many as six fawns at once in the yard. Life, indeed, does go on….. somehow.


So here’s the challenge then — to make beauty from the sadness, the unknown, the undiscovered, the disappointments, the things we fear.  To honor what we do have:  Friendship, Love, our Beingness, our Promise, our Possibilities.  I’ve spent the last few or many days in holding my thoughts and words while waiting…. for what, exactly?  I no longer wait to mention my friend because we don’t know what will happen.  Hell’s Bells – none of us knows what is to happen, even when we think we do.  Here’s where insurance comes in, or so they tell me.  That, and the kindness of strangers.  And the blessings of Friends.

And so I ask you to add your prayers/healing thoughts/good wishes for the best possible result for my friend TheQueen.  She’s a keeper.  We’re planning new adventures.  What’s life without thinking about the next adventure, even as we tend to those Duties, and decide not to honor Fear.  Caution, maybe, but I’ve given up enough to Fear….. which is why I keep deciding not to watch the news.  But that’s another blog.

Here’s to TheQueen.  Long live TheQueen.  She’s a good’un.


2 Responses to “Here’s to TheQueen”

  1. queeniesays Says:

    Queenie here….. May I add that I’ve just talked to TheQueen, and things are looking good. Reasonable amended living techniques, and that Paying Attention thing. But it’s looking considerably rosier than it has been. Yes indeedy, plans begin anew for our next adventure, while we greet the Present with our Presentness, and Gratitude for being able to tell the tales. Welcome back, Queen. Rock on….. and of course you know that has everything to do with Rocks, especially the heart shaped ones.

    • An excellent decision to wait no longer! Yes, censoring your Royal writing self in the darkness of the unknowns would surely have been unholy!
      “WOW!!” Your art show exhibit was brilliant! The manner of display looks great and does provide compliment to your beautiful work! Including the matting, framing and layout of the beautiful individual pieces as an interconnected whole!
      Thank & bless your cute and sassy lil’ soul…for ‘your prayers/healing thoughts/good wishes’ and the request for the same from others. I KNOW that is a huge reason why I’m still here and able to carry on! YES…I AM VERY GRATEFUL!

      So now you carry on and let’s see where your writings take us next!

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