Yoicks and Away! (Although there are no foxes nor hounds involved)


In a matter of hours, your royalness is headed West – the only true direction in my book, but I’m a mite prejudiced, if you haven’t noticed.  Plants have been watered, packing is almost done, bills are paid up to date – all the necessaries to lay the groundwork for the journey.  The Queen Mum’s larder has been stocked, and MumWatch is in effect.  The Royal GuardMutts have been assigned their duties, and no interlopers will get past their toothy snarls, or their snarly tooths.  The moat has been stocked with scorpions and fire ants, and possibly a rattlesnake or three, so the kingdom, (would that be Queendom?) will be secure whilst I wander about the far reaches, seeking adventure, notable pictorial opportunities, and of course, Rocks.  Ponygirl, the likewise Royal RoadSteed, has been checked and oiled, aired and fueled, and stands stomping in the driveway, eager to be off and galloping across the plains and over the mountain passes, onward to new vistas and wonderments.  We are ready.

All we have to contend with first is getting the hell out of Texas, which seems an all consuming task.  There seems to be nothing that takes much longer than getting across the great state of  Texas, (politics not withstanding.)  Good music helps, and I have plenty of that to entertain me until I pick up my Co-Conspirator in Adventures in Albuquerque in a couple of days.  My first stop will be an overnight with a dear friend in the New Mexico mountains to share stories and keep kinship before embarking on the north and westbound directions.  As they say in common parlance:  It’s All Good.

Well, almost everything.  It seems every day there is a new fire broken out just where I aim to pass through, so I may be winging it even more than is usual.  This lack of rain, and no monsoons yet in the parched West, or much of anything resembling wet stuff around here, has been a sadness of great concern and experience.  I doubt that there will be much of my cove left when I return, and I don’t relish the hike to Big Water in these triple digits.  But I hate to bemoan the future when my present is awaiting my participation, so I shall set my thoughts and my attention to the Right Now.

The Slippery Slope Saga will have to wait a bit.  Although I’ve tied it down and it is mine, (Mine!  Mine!) again, it needs time and attention to become its full self, but even all this is part of the story.  Queenie is so very multi-faceted, you know, (or would that be multiple personalitied?), and so it’s hard to fit in one round or square hole, whatever it is that one is supposed to fit into.  I never did so well with having to fit myself into prescribed holes, don’t you know, and so it is that I fling myself down rivers, or hit the road with Adventure in mind, allowing myself to have one of those Different Lives.  And ain’t life grand?

And so this is a brief Farewell, as I continue with the packing and the crossing off of things on lists, and Ponygirl gets fuller and fuller.  You know how it is – there are any number of possible weather considerations, so any and all conditions must be prepared for.  Looks like I’ll be back in my flannels in the high country, and needing to keep my toesies warm. Otherwise, I have healthy snacks, and a lot of chocolate, so we’re covered on all fronts.  I am a little afraid to ask for what, but TheQueen has requested that I bring a glue gun and duct tape.  I’m not sure what sort of mark we will be leaving on the unsuspecting countryside or denizens thereof.  Some things are perhaps better left to Mystery at this point.  At some later point I’m quite sure you will hear about it, in glorious detail.  Or not.

My faithful companion here knows something’s up.  She feels it days ahead of time when I’m leaving, and her dobber’s down.  Wish she could come with me, but maybe New Mexico next month.  I’ll actually have Shotgun position open, and it’s nice to have company on the road.

This is NOT a happy dog.


Alright then, time to put it all together and unwind a bit.  The fire news is not good.  My usual route of travel may be closed tomorrow, so I have to be prepared for a considerable detour.  Such are the ways of the road.

The adventure begins on the morrow.  Wish me good luck and safe journey, and look to hear from me from the road.

Bye, y’all.  Wagons HO!


6 Responses to “Yoicks and Away! (Although there are no foxes nor hounds involved)”

  1. Have a great trip! Drive carefully! We’ll be thinking about you and all the fun you’re having, while we’re packing to move to the hinterlands of Arkansas! The house is actually in the process of being sold now…finally! If you’re back by the beginning of Aug. com give us goodbye hugs! Love you, Judi and Sonny

    • queeniesays Says:

      AbSOULutely I’ll be there to give you Goodbye Hugs. You might even give me reason to travel East one of these days. (Did I really say that?!?) Congratulations, thanks for your well wishes, and see you before too very long!

  2. So apropos! As I was just reading these latest writings, and as I am typing, one of our resident Fox is loudly communicating outside very nearby my office window! Letting us know we will NOT be alone during our Royal Adventure!

    Sooo looking forward to the company & adventures with your Royalness!
    Our Roxy used to have that same mood and look as we were readying ourselves for departure ;-(

  3. queeniesays Says:

    Well I swear. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a fox before. That might explain a mysterious noise we used to hear around here before Civilization moved in. Sounds a bit like my head feels this early in the morning. I need orange juice and coffee… and then… ’tis to the Royal Road!

  4. Have a wonderful trip Lex and stay safe! (notice I didn’t say be good?) LOL!

  5. Dang….I truly wish we had used that righteous glue gun !!
    How would we ever convince anyone–even ourselves–that we just DID NOT have the time for that?!?!

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