It’s As If the Genie Appeared and Said…. “OK, Doll, what can I do for You?”

Well now.  I seem to be getting pretty good with this Manifesting thing.  Only yesterday morning, mind you, just yesterday, I started throwing around, (again), the thoughts of that Road Trip to Wyoming that had been penciled and question marked onto my calendars.  Last night I took off the question marks and put Exclamation Marks.  (!!!)  I can hardly explain how it happened, except that bits and pieces on several levels and seemingly unrelated episodes all seem to have coalesced into a Road Trip to some of the Wilder Parts of the Old West, as in Mountain Man Territory. (Oh my…….)  I am in the midst of getting all the loose ends together and making lists, while wrapping my mind around meeting up with at least one but maybe two as yet unmet but very familiar and trusted friends in Albuquerque in but a week, and then we’ll all be having us what has to be a ridiculously fun and adventurous Road Trip to Wyoming – to see Bobby Bridger on the 4th of July.  Can you beat that?

I started getting serious about this trip only 24 hours ago.  If it were going to get done, the getting to was going to have to get gotten to.  And so I tossed around a couple of emails, and got some back, and one thing led to another and within a few hours, a major Road Trip was born.  Wham Bang, and in a good way!

To make it all even more Easy On Amazing, this new and thoroughly enjoyable friend is from MaloWorld, an offshoot of my doing the righteous thing and joining a “group” where you have to step up and declare your name, and then state that you are a MaloMama.  There are, of course, more than a few MaloPapas, but they are rather outnumbered.  But they, for the most part, are fairly enlightened gentlemen, for they “get” the wonder that is the devine songman Raul Malo.  It is a very interesting, entertaining, educated, mostly intelligent and diverse group, (there are always a couple of oddballs in any bunch, and maybe I’m one of them), from all over the country, and in fact all over the world.  And while this has all the earmarks of one of those Digression things, I assure you it has everything to do with the story.

So there happens to be this other devotee to Malomania with whom I’ve become acquainted by chat and email, as a direct result of our shared respect for Mr. Malo.  This fact alone would not be of much particular interest, except for these specificals:  I am Queenie – she goes by TheQueen.  We are both photographers, and writers.  She happens also to love and share the excitement of Royal Road Trips.  And she’s another Lover of Rocks.  We have already laughed at our likewise propensities for Mom and Pop funky style motels, and the fact that seeing some particular rock is every good reason for stopping the vehicle, turning around, and making its acquaintance – maybe even shanghaiing it to an unimagined future in some foreign garden.  We are separated soul sisters from the same mother…. or more likely father, in my case anyway.  Biggest difference is she already HAS her trailer!

So in just a few emails, it was done:  Thought.  Idea.  Spoken.  Done.  Just like that.  It had all the same feel as what happened when I decided to go from the calendar project to the book – everything just fell into place, as did this.  Only thing this time, it was practically immediate.  I often curse the bane of Progress, but signals that go invisibly through the ethers and all these connecting lines got me a Road Trip planned in hours, and what miracle that.  And so we go to Wyoming.

After the rendezvous in Albuquerque, (she or they are coming from California), we will hie ourselves northward, into Colorado and onward to the Great Beyonds of Wyoming, heading for Ft. Bridger.  Bobby Bridger, (the impetus for this trek, actually), is a direct descendant of Jim Bridger the Mountain Man.  He is an extraordinary talent, – go ahead and look him up if you’re not familiar – and has been on my radar since the old hippy days in Austin.  Ah yes, I am a child of the 60’s, which might explain a lot to some.  Bobby’s words and voice touched me so long ago, but it took me an absurd length of time to get out and hear and meet him in person, but I finally managed that last March, as I treated myself to a birthday month gift of going to hear him perform Seekers of the Fleece in the small town close to me.  Seekers of the Fleece is an epic narrative, told in rhyme that flows like a river, accentuated with songs that soar and take your breath and heart away.  It tells the story of Jim Bridger, and the times of the Mountain Men as they began to explore the West.  And of the Native Americans who bore the brunt of the assault of Progress, (along with a few million buffalo), all wrapped up in the polite term of Western Expansion.  I’m sure all of you know, or should, that I’m on the side of the Indians on that one.

For his own reasons, Bobby has decided to retire his public performances of Seekers, and this 4th of July, he will present that last public concert at the Jim Bridger Museum in Fort Bridger.  To me, that is honey to the bear, and I am drawn to this event.  He will donate his coyote headpiece and his buckskins to the museum, and Seekers will be relegated to history and recordings.  I feel honored to be doing this, and I can’t wait to see what stories I’ll be finding on this adventure.  Another interesting factoid is that I just happen to share a birthday with Jim Bridger.  Couldn’t possibly be just a coincidence, could it?

New friends.  Laughter.  Beautiful country.  Singing.  Writing.  Photography.  Stories.  Surprises.  New Country.  New Roads.  And oh yes, Rocks!  Old friends, too, to be visited on the way and back.  I am a lucky lady.

Stay tuned.  Back to making those lists.  I’m telling you, this Manifesting thing is the Real Deal.

Fort Bridger or Bust, y’all!


10 Responses to “It’s As If the Genie Appeared and Said…. “OK, Doll, what can I do for You?””

  1. Aaahhh, excellent post, O Royal One!
    Yes, of course I am probably THE one considering this writing to be the most excellent!
    Let The Royal Road Trip Adventure begin! (or did it actually begin yesterday!?)
    This has all the makings for a new sit-com!!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon,
    TheQueen 😉

  2. The Princess Says:

    Queenie, I am so excited for you and The Queen (my royal mother) to meet! You ladies are going to have a blast, and I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  3. queeniesays Says:

    Well, Miss Princess, so good to hear from you! Yes, it is a cosmic connection, and I, too, await the chance to meet your own royalness. Looks like we’re talking Death Valley in the early part of the year. No telling what adventures are in the offing, but we’ll see what happens, indeed. Lots of material from this splendiferous meeting of The Queens, for sure. And you can read it all, (or at least most of it – within reason), right here, in the weeks to come. Let the Road Trip begin! And then many more…….

  4. So excited for you two! I just know you are going to have a marvelous time. I am sorry that I will not be able to experience this wonderful adventure with you two but I am SURE we will create some new opportunities to share together in the future. And for you and me Queenie the first of which will be MaloCon in October!
    Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear all about it (that which can be told…hee, hee) and see all your pictures!

    • queeniesays Says:

      You have no idea how much you will be missed! But we’ll carry you along in our hearts for the ride — it’ll have to be our hearts ’cause I’m sure your place will now be filled with Rocks. It’s surely going to be an adventure, as will, of course, MaloCon. So many good things on the calendar. I feel blessed on many fronts, and these new friendships are high on the list. See you in October, Miz Maria, with a BIG Texas hug! Meantime, stay tuned for the stories from the road. The Queens are headed north and west…. Make Way and Wagons HO!

  5. Officer Baby Bear Says:

    I hope you’re taking along a U-Haul trailer……it is the only way you will be able to transport all of the rocks that you ladies will adopt. Trust me, as an experienced participant in The Queen’s travels, I know these things.

    Have a grand time! : )

    (Oh, and Queenie, don’t forget your tiara….it is a must!)

    • queeniesays Says:

      Tiara…. Tiara….. Where could I possibly have put that Tiara? Is it in there with the Rock Hammer?

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