It’s a SIGN!

My mother and I have a running joke.  It stems, of course, from a chick movie – Sleepless in Seattle, to be exact.  We’ve quoted and commented on Sleepless in Seattle so many times that it is now referred to, simply, as Sleepless.  It’s an unabashed chick movie, no doubt, but it offers agreeable stars, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, and many positive qualities in a decent movie of chick variety.  I like Tom Hanks in just about anything and everything he’s ever done – always believable, I say – and this was Meg Ryan when she was adorably beautiful – after Harry met Sally and before she did whatever she did to her lips.  It also had snappy, intelligent dialogue, and really a lot of good actors.  And the quintessentially perfect boy child as the motherless son, who would make almost any woman think it could be a good thing to have children.  Well, almost.

One of the oft said lines in the movie is:  “It’s a sign!”  It happens a lot, both cleverly and on the corny side.  It happens so much that it has become a catch phrase in the movie, at least in this house.  We had another one when I was growing up – from yet another classic movie, but not of chick quality.  No one was a big John Wayne fan around here, and in many cases I’ve found his performances wooden and unrealistic.  Of course it seems much of the acting from that time resembled that – a great change from the earlier movies when everyone talked so fast you could hardly keep up with the action of the moment.  But in The Searchers, his iconic line, offered several times during the movie, was:  That’ll Be the Day.  It became a mantra around my rather oddball existence of growing up in a dysfunctional household, and it covered a multitude of situations.  Insert typical sentence of many subjects, and the appropriate response was often: That’ll be the day.  We got a lot of mileage out of that.

It’s a sign! is turning out to be a likewise useable retort, and it pops up more often than you might think.  I had one jump up just today…..

So I’ve had this little “fantasy” tucked away in the files for a while.  With all the states of my life that seem to be almost perpetually up in the air – or “in transition” might be the more apt description –  there has remained the image of a vintage trailer occupying a little space for quite some time now.  Several years ago I bought a perfectly perfect salt and pepper shaker, only because they came in the form of an older model car pulling a little vintage teardrop trailer. When I spied it I bought it on the spot, having no need for a salt and pepper shaker, but instead the physical manifestation token of that trailer.  I have a compartment in my brain that says:  Vintage Trailer Here.  And it’s starting to collect little pieces and parts.  Well now, isn’t that interesting?

Events have been cropping up that are indeed surely interesting – I KNOW – that word, again and still.  It just so accurately represents the essence of so many situations without having to reach into the wordbanks for some more elaborate descriptive.  (Like I just did.)  The upshot of the latest events is that I find myself in search and pursuit of such a trailer, or at the very least a quest for knowledge of them so that I won’t go off half-cocked about something and do the wrong thing….. Who, ME???  The Queen of Follow Your Heart?  I?  Ever the dreamer/creator, making things happen before addressing all those pesky details that just might have tagged along, or refusing to give them much merit, or even attention.  Let us hope I have finally become a bit more adept at this Manifesting thing.  I am not without experience, and now it seems I have yet another chance to have a go at several possibilities at once.  Very interesting.

By way of a renewed friendship from literal lifetimes ago, (in people years), I may have a co-conspirator in this trailer business.  Someone who happens to be wise of counsel and firm of brain.  I know – again – not my usual M.O.  Yes indeedy, not at all.  I’m quite surprised and positively so at all that, but I know how this manifesting thing works, (at least in the concept and past results seen and experienced as such), and here it is.  While being wisely counseled about all things trailer, it’s also being presented without stress, time limit or threat of consequence, and how nice is that?  I’m even able to talk about old movies in between talking about trailers, and who would’ve thought THAT could happen?  There has even been talk of salsa dancing, so I have to keep my wits about me.  Do you remember from Laugh In those many decades ago, when Arte Johnson , dressed up as a German soldier spy or something, would part the grasses in front of him, or the palm fronds of a big houseplant at a party, and say to the camera in that accent: Ver-r-r-ry interesting…..  Yes indeed.  Interesting.

So there has been lately much time spent on the internet looking up vintage trailers, not vintage trailers, teardrop trailers, square-shaped trailers, decorated trailers, how much a trailer weighs, trailer hitches, little trailers vs. not so little trailers, plain trailers, the where and the how of trailers….. and the rest of regular life thrown in as allows.  There has also been mention and homage paid to the old movie The Long, Long Trailer, long since one of my all time favorites on so many levels.  It involves a semi-crazy redhead, a trailer, and EVEN ROCKS.  Need I say more?

A lot, then, has been swimming around in my brain of late, and it’s been pretty much fun thinking about it.  I’m remembering the Rules of Manifesting, as I can recall them, (good luck with some of that remembering stuff lately, too), and it can be what I “make it” to be.  Throwing in doubts and suspicions and What Ifs and my old buddy now on my Z list, Fear, would only introduce any or all of that into the mix.  I no want.  If I employ proper caution and a positive and happy heart, if no one has misled me about this Manifesting and the Law of Attraction thing, I could just be in for a swell time.

And now, you ask, What Sign?  Well, as I drove out of the edge of the neighborhood onto the Big Road on the way to mail some things today, (there now being a traffic light at the intersection with all this Progess we’ve been having), I found myself sitting there waiting for the green, not even pondering, and Mother says:  Look at THAT!  What goes by right in front of us, as if across a movie screen, but a car of some sort pulling just the cutest VINTAGE TRAILER.  It was not quite a teardrop, but that usual rounded squarish shape, and it was white with accents of turquoise.  It was cute as a button.  Breathtaking.  Perfect.  I sat stunned for just a second, for I’ve yet ever to see one on the road in recent memory, really, and then…. there it was.  Right in front of me.   Turquoise, even, just like the ones I’ve been looking at.  And then I said it, out loud:  IT’S A SIGN!  Ha HA.  Yessiree.  A sign, sure enough.

And so, as I learned to say those many months ago when in Learning Mode, (always stay in Learning Mode!), instead of getting all Big and Bold and saying, too strongly:  Bring It On!…… Instead I raise up my arms and say Thank You and then the rest of the mantra:  Let it Come.  Let it In.  All the good things.  Let them come.  Thank you.  We’ll just be seeing what happens next.  Maybe it WILL be the day.

Happy Manifesting, Y’all.



5 Responses to “It’s a SIGN!”

  1. Ooohhh, my goodness!! ;-)))
    This is now, and has been since I read my first Queenie blog, “ver-r-r-ry interesting!!” One of my favorite possessions, albeit NOT vintage, is an ever-so-cute little trailer!! But it does have a murphy bed, that folds to the outside front of the body; saving inside floorspace 😉
    On our annual Ladies Camping Trip, one of the standing jokes, year after year, is “Hey Lucy….how many rocks you gunna try to get into that lil’ thing!?!?” From your above photo of illustration, my trailer body is probably the same size as that one! Twin sisters, from different mothers?????

    • queeniesays Says:

      Well, we knew that from the get go, didn’t we. Rocks to you, Queen. May we always have our rocks, and the horsepower to carry them. I’m loving the synchronicity of it all, and loving my Trailer Sisters! Road Trip! (The illustration is merely a generic one…. something to flesh out the intention, but it’s coming. I just know it.)

  2. I practically have tears in my eyes due to even more friendship karmic destiny! I adore “The Long Long Trailer,” and must watch it every spring and summer. (I love that part where she falls out of the trailer into the mud, screaming like a maniac.) My dream is to travel the USA in a vintage trailer, not just any vintage trailer, but an Airstream. A few blocks away from me, someone’s driveway boasts a nice pick-up truck hitched to the 1959 AIRSTREAM that should be mine! I drive past it every so often, just to whine about it. Maybe someday…sigh.
    Love Ya! oxox Sharon

    • queeniesays Says:

      I love so many parts of the movie…. the mud scene is a favorite, but…. the rocks, the ROCKS! I don’t know what it is about women and rocks…. (reading here, Queen?) But it’s like a blood type – a “we are connected by “blood” thing – a genetic connection from the ethers. Just something! I’m so glad this post is touching people – sister people! So many trails to go down, and to end up at each other’s doors. Now if the world will just calm down a bit so we can afford the gas to get there….. Start your manifesting, Sister!

  3. mary margaret Says:

    Alexa, there is a empty lot in East Austin with a bunch of old trailers, mostly the silver bullet shaped ones. I will try to remember where I saw it. What a great dream…has a Tom Robbins air about it. I would call mine delores del rio.

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