Just a Little Beauty…. or…. A View from a Deck

I don’t seem to have much to say these days.  I’m caught up in regrouping and recovering and re-ing everything that I need to re.  The Blogosphere and the News, (oh please, not more news), is awash with horror and bloody mayhem, and more credible voices than mine are crying out for a cease to violence and a return (yet another re) to sanity and civility.  Hatred is having its day, as it is wont to do, and I don’t know that my seconding all pleas for a cease fire will do much good.  And so, I do what I do, which is an attempt to bring a little beauty into the world.  Remember that?  The world?  The planet…. that little spinning orb out in the vastness of the Universe that houses all of us and “all our relations” – the trees, the animals, the wind and the waters and all the things which we pitiful humans pillage and plunder daily.  I don’t want to believe that All is Madness, though at too many times it seems exactly that.  We foul our own nest, we decide we’ll just go ahead and kill those we tend to disagree with, and we meet our kindred inhabitants with a snarl instead of a smile.  I know, it’s not ALL that way, but dear lord and saints and fates it surely seems that way, too much of the time.  Other than a visit from that spaceship on the White House lawn and Gort the robot to keep us in line, what is to become of us?  Well I don’t know.

All I do know is to keep myself in some sacred space, and continue to offer peace and beauty instead of gun barrels.  I’m old enough to remember the days when we stuck flowers in the end of those gun barrels, and some died even for that.  We seem to be a pretty hopeless lot – never learning, nor even showing much interest in it, when we can just go to war instead, or just shoot someone, or a lot of someones.

So enough already of the pessimism and pitiful words.  Instead I offer you up my skies from the last couple of days.  It’s winter – it’s gotten cold – but before the cold came there were clouds and wonder.  The cold front announced itself with incredible sunlit vistas, drenched in color and alive with movement.  The next day brought in the clouds of change, all grey and scuttling across the skies, but even those gave way to blue.  It was glorious sky-watching, and much better than the news.

The Happy New Year has given way to sorrow, but maybe we can dig up some Hope and Promise out of the ashes.  It IS in our power, if only in our own lives.  All we are saying….. is give Peace a Chance.

Here’s a little beauty, then, some only moments apart….but ah, each is indeed different, as they are the same.  As are each of us.

And then the next day…..

And so returns the blue….

Blue skies to all of you.  But don’t forget we need the rain, and the clouds, and the cold.

Namaste, Y’all.


3 Responses to “Just a Little Beauty…. or…. A View from a Deck”

  1. Beautiful images . . .

  2. Dearest Queenie!!

    Thank you for your words! And thank you for the contrast of pessimistic/optimistic; Im choosing to comment on the optimistic side!!

    These sky photos are STUNNING !! Thanks for sharing them!!

    I’ve been hoping for some sky colors, but got to hand feed a swan instead ;-))



  3. mary margaret Says:

    oh my god….those photos are absolutely beautiful! I was driving home from my school the other night and saw how magnificent the sky was and wanted to call everyone I knew to run outside and stare at its abundance.

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