A Near ‘Bout Perfect Day

I awake today with the Dillo behind me, except for that last part – the one more trip into town to load out the rest of the furniture and fixin’s that make it be a booth.  Still there’s time for a bit of a loll-around, I think, since we have most of the day to accomplish all this.  But when I arrive, I am told the loading area is FULL – I have to park ALL the way the length of the area, the last place to put myself, or anyone, and a long way to haul stuff.  I had no more than parked and gotten my dolly out of the van when the same fellow who had given me the bad news approached me, telling me there was a place up front now – well, whadya know.  I rebooted and drove up, and lo and behold, a place on the front row – couldn’t be much better.  I finished up, hoisted it all again, rolled several dolly-fulls of stuff out, loaded it up, (only pulled a muscle or two, I think), and in a mere hour and a half, I was out of the yard and on my way home having said the last goodbyes to new neighbors and old friends.  Not bad at all.

It’s a glorious day.  Bright sunshine and blue sky, despite the freezing temperatures we had last night.  When I got home I checked out the greenhouse which was toasty warm since I’d turned on the heater last night before going to bed.  Good.  All’s well there.  And now….

To the business of my precious mother’s birthday.  The Queen Mum is 87 years ageless today.  Still sharp as that tack, although her body continues to challenge her daily.  She’s been through two new hips, thyroid cancer, another “little” cancer, a few more episodes of this and that, and she just keeps ticking.  Thank all the Fates for that.  She’s a rare bird, and her kind is not common and not nearly enough appreciated.  I wonder if she could possibly know how much I love her.

So I’d decided on the way home I’d be treating her to dinner out – since neither of us is much in the mood for cooking, and she cooked her heart out yesterday for a Christmas dinner while I mostly slept and recovered from the lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-n-g days of Dillo madness.  (I did get the van unloaded, however, AND take the dogs to the lake since they were feeling mighty deprived of late.)  I was so tired I didn’t even eat between that one piece of toast for breakfast and dinner – just unloaded the van and slept.  Wonderful.

I offered her up the restaurant of her choice, and she settled on Rosie’s, the dependable Mexican food place of long standing down the highway from us.  I say dependable because you always know what it’s going to taste like, so you’re never disappointed.  Mexican food falls into the Warm and Gooey food group – one of my favorites – and it sounded good to me, too, after days of soups and generic vendor foods at the show.  So off we went, and the goodness kept on coming.

Service was slow – the place was packed – evidently no one wants to cook the day after Christmas.  So we waited a little too long and then they mixed up my order just a bit, but no large deal at all.  I got my chili con queso and all was well with the world.  Our check had been placed on the table, but in short time the waitress came by and picked it up again, saying someone had taken care of our bill.  Really?  And for real and for true, someone, some kind and generous unknown person had seen fit to honor us and the season by paying for our meal.  I felt like crying.  We had mentioned to no one that it was Mama’s birthday, so it was icing on the cake that we didn’t have.  When we did mention it on the way out, the folks at the counter insisted she take a praline, and me, too, if I wanted one.  And we left feeling lots lighter, if not heavier for the meal, though.  It’s a wonderful world out there, at least today.

I owed the dogs another trip to the lake since they’ve not had their daily romps in so long, and they’d made a huge fuss before we left earlier, so we all got it together when we got back home and headed down.  Oh my, what a gorgeous scene.  Despite it being quite chilly, there was no wind and so much sun, and it was dazzlingly peaceful and quiet.  No eartheaters going at it over the hills, only the sound of laughter from one of the houses up the way.  I was so glad Mother had decided to come with us.  She’s so wobbly, and doesn’t get out much, so it’s good for her to escape the house and enjoy the scenery and the idiot dogs having such a good time.  And it was just so beautiful today.

The lack of wind made for nice reflections, and it was even all the way to warm in the sun.  I could’ve stayed down there a long while.  Cur Mudgeon is much more into running these days – why, he might even be getting a little more fit instead of stodgy.  Custody Dog couldn’t quit running, (she never does), and still she heads for the water, and Mr. Mudgeon actually went all the way and swam.  Lots of “Tag You’re It!” for them, and digging in the sand, and the final rolling in the sand to make sure of absolutely filthy dogs.  A good time was had by all.

Looking for Adventure

In the drink for a drink of course.

Shake it off!

Double Dog

Queen Mum in the Park, watching the dogs and life all around.


Dog Tag

The Finishing Touch

Life is Swell

Reflecting on Adventure

Wading for Home

Time to Go

The interesting part of all of this is that I began this day with thoughts of Gratitude.  I had already made my New Year’s New Life Resolution:  To live in Gratitude, and be thankful for all the good, or even all the lessons I have to learn.  I’ve been peaceful and smiling inside all day.  And the more Gratitude I honored, the more was poured upon me to be grateful for.  So this, then, is how it works.  Not bad, not bad at all.

I am indeed glad the Dillo has come and gone, and it was good.  I am blessed by my friends and my talent and my fortune.  I am lucky and blessed again to have the best mama in the world.  I am safe and warm, and well fed.  I feel full of Love, and Mexican food.  Perhaps it is time for the first fire of the season, but maybe I will wait till I have established a little less chaos in my room that has lost its grip on order in the past few weeks.  But I have some time now to accomplish that, and can just tackle that and other waiting projects in the coming days and weeks.  January is for renewal, and I intend to do just that.

Disaster can befall us at any time, but I choose to honor the goodness that surrounds me on every front, in every moment – this moment.  I am content.

Happy Birthday Mama.


7 Responses to “A Near ‘Bout Perfect Day”

  1. Wonderful Lexi! What a lovely recounting of your near perfect day! Gratitude IS the key! I am working on remembering and practicing that everyday. My dear friend Kathy just reminded me on Friday when I was having a bit of a meltdown to get out my list of gratitudes….Works every time!

  2. All I can say is “beautiful” . . .
    Glad you had a good year at the Dillo – that it is behind you once more, and that you had such a wonderful day with the Queen Mum . . . all of it beautiful!

  3. Wonderful blog! To recount our blessings and gratitudes each morning starts our day on the right foot and, as you said, sets us up to receive more! Happy Birthday Queen Mum! Love you dear!

  4. Thank you Queenie…for your insight and sensitivity! I love your message of gratitude! I was walking in a mall the other day and saw a sign that said “Choose Happiness” . Makes sense. And Happy Birthday MOM! Hugs

  5. I am so happy for you and your mum! what a way to end a year and what a great start on a new one. Thanks for sharing these precious moments of joy

  6. Long live the queen! A day where a bird of paradise could fly. Filled with joi de vivre and well being, your special day made me sigh with happiness too. Thanks for the photos and the reflections. Even read previous days reports.

  7. Hallelujah Lex! I smile to feel your uplifted wings as you soar on the buoyant breeze of gratitude. What wonderful energy!!! I’m glad you were taking pictures for fun too. Thanks for sharing the happy dogs and Queen Mum. It’s so good to see her sitting in the sun. Happy birthday Mum and happy new year everyone.

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