Press that reset button!

There come those times when you feel yourself slipping down the rabbit hole.  It has a lot of names lately:  recycling, backsliding, binge eating – yeah, that ice cream thing.  They write songs about it, a lot of songs, usually the bad country variety, but then sometimes incredibly written and sung ones like my singer/songwritier friend comes up with that leave my heart laid out on exquisite stoneware on a beautiful table.  (I had to have a better visual than laying out on dirty dishes.)  It’s interesting how it happens, and sometimes it might be because some newer dream or plan found itself on another dead end siding.  Ah yes, another disappointment, or not what you wanted, or thought it might be, and now what do you do?  Next.

Then you might find yourself taking a walk out in the woods of your mind to clear your head, so to speak, and there it is – that damned rabbit hole.  Yeah, it’s still there, and there’s the truth of it – it always will be.  Like day and night and Love and Fear and all the elements of existence, there will always be rabbit holes on the landscape.  (Nothing against rabbits – it’s that analogy thing again.)

It so happens that I weary of flinging myself down them, for surely I have enough experience with them to know their liabilities and unsure footing around the edges, and I’ve no need to go take a gander at what might be down there.  I’ve already been – too many times to have another “accident” and find myself falling again.  I guess the challenge comes when you come across some different looking rabbit hole – the likes of which you’ve never seen before – and that’s when Mystery and his sometimes companion Hope appear on the scene.  Mystery is so seductive, and Hope, well Hope is another thing entirely.  I haven’t happened on one of those rabbit holes lately, and with all the falling down I’ve been doing on regular ground recently, I’m liable to give any holes a wide berth.  Show me the money, Mr. Hole.

Meantime, things happen and people come and go, and no one has stayed for a while except the tried and true friends that have proven their merit, as I hope, have I.  I don’t know about all this “buy gold” stuff of late, but I sure am into honoring and nurturing my friends.  They’ve certainly paid their dues with me.  They are invaluable, and the true meaning of Priceless.  Not throwing my money, or my friendships, down any more holes.

As time has passed since the last time I pulled myself from the depths of the rabbit hole, or even if I managed to stop sooner on a ledge rather than take the whole soul whacking “all the way to the bottom” ride, I am at least finding that I can manage to steer clear of them a lot easier.  Or maybe the triggers just don’t find such a willing victim of late.  I’m tired of hole falling – I’d rather climb, thank you very much.

And so, when I see a hole beckoning me come back in again….. don’t you remember how much fun you had…… and yes, there was the fun, and I miss it, but I don’t miss the crash and the cactus and protruding nails on the way down.  Not worth the ticket. Ah, but yes, such fun, such dreams, and it was real on my part, and….….Whoops, there you go….. PUSH THE RESET BUTTON!

Clear your head instead with the sound you used to hear on the old cartoons when the character shook his head rapidly from side to side.  (Imagine that sound now…. It was funny.)  Decide you’re going to be the roadrunner ready to zippidy-do-dah instead of the coyote headed downward with the anvil in close pursuit.  Think up the next plan, even if you’re up to R or S by now.  It’s OK to rest and regroup, but no wallowing.  (Unless you need to do it just long enough to remember how it smells when you’ve been in there a while.)

This is when you have to trust in your innate You, and get on with that Creativity thing.  Unless you are in stasis, (and that’s real close to doing NOTHING, maybe too similar to Dead), you have choices and sometimes you just have to make your own opportunities.

Well, I’ll let you know how it all comes out.  I know what doesn’t work.  I know what didn’t work.  The things that do work are perhaps some I haven’t tried or met yet.  Who knows?

So here we go again.  Next plan.  Stand up straight.  Walk on.  Keep singing.  Play that guitar.  Keep writing.  More art…. different art…… what’s next….. and don’t misplace that Reset Button.


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