Introducing….Ta Dah….Queenie’s Quote of the Month

Queenie’s Quote of the Day, Week, Month……

I’m starting something here.  Always a dangerous thing – or at least sometimes.  I am, however, going to cut myself some slack and stick merely a toe in, as opposed to the wholesale flinging that I usually do, often hurting myself in the process.  Something gets done, all right, but not exactly what I had in mind.

And so I introduce Queenie’s Quote of the Month. This one, I suppose, will do for August.  If I truly get going, I’ll ramp it up to Quote of the Week, and if things get really smasheroo, I will have attained the dizzying heights of Quote of the Day, just like some of the big boys.

So I’m going to find a new widget and create a new little box somewhere, and insert said pearl of wisdom.  I come by these pearls fairly easily most times, for the exact fact that I’m usually just pontificating to my own self.  I figure if it’s good enough for me, someone else may benefit from what I tell my highly esteemed self.  In fact, most of what I tell myself is to keep myself in the highly esteem-able  category, by that self, and others.  After all, we’re the ones who have to live with us, and if we’re not comfortable and happy with our own company, how would we expect anyone else to be able to stand us?

Stay tuned.  We’ll see how this goes.  That little box will appear over there on the right of the webpage – I think not visible to the subscribers unless you go to the whole beautiful thing.  You’ll have to click a couple of buttons once in a while, just to check.  So this month’s offering is entitled Do What Needs Doing. Simple, of course.  Unless you haven’t been Doing It!  (Queenie did say something about that in her book –  something along the line of things so often being simple, but not always so easy.)

Regular installments of the usual variety will continue as life goes on, and we ponder on what happens next.  One wonders what it could be.


2 Responses to “Introducing….Ta Dah….Queenie’s Quote of the Month”

  1. queeniesays Says:

    Uh…. those of you who got this via your email and everything looks white – it’s because it is! The print included. Click on the title – it’ll take you to the page and you can read. It’s all about the artwork, and some little tricks and steps, and today you got white print. Some days are like that…..

  2. Hey Girl! Love the quote of the month/week/day idea! Maybe it’ll help get some of us inspired to do great things…….or maybe just do something!

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