The Kids Are All Right…

Or something like that.  I know there’s a new chick movie out that I haven’t seen yet with a title very similar to that.  Not to mention Eat, Pray, Love which opened today.  I might have a hard time with that one.  EPL was a seminal book for me, one which when I read it for the first time, inspired me to do great and wondrous things.  I did do great and wondrous things, and then I got my head turned (remembering to take Responsibility, however), and took another wild ride that ended up in the same place it always did.  Yes, I still do great and wondrous things and have had more rides since, but this time I don’t know where I’m going to end up, and that’s exactly fine with me.  Never say that I don’t enjoy a good adventure, and that’s what it has to be from now on.  I suppose that’s what it’s always been, but sometimes those enticing back roads leave you a bit muddied, but always a bit wiser.  (Or should!)

So I’ll deal with EPL the Movie in a week or so, and meantime I’m having fun with the kids – my kids.  I didn’t have human children, and  have had a parade of furry ones that have come through my life.  Below you will find the current installments.  My kids are all right.

Custody Dog – Leaping for Life

Custody Dog – you know enough of her story.  She came when everything else went, and I got the best of the bargain.  What a fun companion, and she loves life.  She’s fearless, (except for the rather insane cat who also shares the premises here – another story – and she’s well wary of him), and I really enjoy spending time and spaces with her.  We’re spending what’s left of the summer in the wet, and she loves it as much as I do.

Cur Mudgeon – the strange one found in the desert.  He’s a weird sort, his own thing, and I hardly know what it is.  But he likes the water, too, only at a much slower pace than CD.  He moves like a big barge.  She’s the speedboat version.

And having snared the stick thrown for incentive, (though she needs none at all), prize captured, CD heads to shore.

We had a good trial run today, all of us swimming to the near shoreline across the close part of the cove.  Next week it’ll be the far side, totally across the cove.  They can check out what’s on the other side, and I can build some cairns.  A good exercise for all of us – a long swim for me with my healing arms, and their first time to the foreign lands.  Well, CM has been there before, but not for a long time.

Life is moving along.  Interesting things keep happening, and like everything else, I don’t know how it’s all to turn out.  We’ll see how the “new thinking” thing turns out.  That would be in BELIEVING in the positive, even when you feel like you’ve just been smacked in the face with something that smelled very similar to what you’d perceive as negative.  I’ll let you know how all that evolves.  Names might be named.

Happy Summer, everyone.  And if things weren’t already on the upswing, Raul Malo is in the area…….  Uh huh.  A fix.  Next week.  It’ll be hot, but it’ll be like getting the best music in the world at a free sauna.

Life is peachy, surely is.


4 Responses to “The Kids Are All Right…”

  1. tom Slocum Says:

    Queenie, your blog is so well written, It would be a grave omission, if I didn’t comment..Keep up the fine blogging, Darling..keep those stories comin….:->)

    • queeniesays Says:

      Why thank you, kind sir. That’s high praise from one who knows his stuff. I shall keep it coming, as long as there are those who will read, and probably even if there aren’t! I mean, what else have I to do, except amuse myself and hopefully a few thousand others….. I intend to have Susan Sarandon play me when my movie comes out. (Not quite the ingenue, but at least and at last a Late Bloomer.)

      Hopefully, also, I will have moved on to a higher form of prose. In fact I think I already have. The Queen Mum used to call me the BMW. Instead of Eat, Pray, Love, you would’ve gotten a load of Bitch, Moan, Whine. I am better now.

  2. Love the puppies. Liking having some of your images included in the blog. I’ve heard so much about these guys…nice to see them. Looks like great lazy daze of Summer.

  3. The kids ARE all right !!!

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