One Last Quickie from Queenie

I’ve been having entirely too much fun with my long lost girlfriend to do much of this intended blogging thing.  It’s been hugs and immediate laughter and all of the instantaneous cameraderie we’ve experienced since we first met on a photo workshop those years ago.  Serendipity just works pretty well sometimes.  But then there’s the silly stuff – like she can’t remember the password into her own wireless network, so I can’t do my usual routine of writerly creativity and then tweak it and then send out that marvelous stuff to you, my minions, waiting breathlessly for my next missive.  Oh well….

And so, my faithful computer will remain behind as we shove off in mere minutes now, headed to Flagstaff and who knows what.  I shall have to wait to tell you of the mini adventure awaiting in Page.  And I shall be totally unreachable for almost two weeks.  I think that’s the good part.

So I bid you adieu.  I shall make every attempt at copious notes to regale you with wondrous stories…. (I hear there’s “weather” coming in…. gads.)  And I’m being timed and watched…. I must away.

Till we meet again, and I find out where the river has taken me.  (And now I can’t even find my fancy Font…. and so it is, and so it goes, as do I.)


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