And We’re Off!!!

I awoke this morning with my lips gently grazing his ear.  We were wrapped together under the warmth of the covers, entwined in each other’s beingness.  I could feel the rise and fall of his body as his breath made the most delightful noise from deep within his throat.  It had been far too long since I’d spent the night with this special lover, one who’d made such a difference when I’d showed up here years before feeling a broken woman, and he’d graced me with the gift of his undivided attention and love freely given.  We formed a bond then, which I am grateful to say is to this day unbroken.  We see each other seldom, but it’s always the same, and the nights I spend with him are bliss.

I speak of my special friend Stitch, one of the most compatible and spirit filled felines I’ve ever had the honor to share under-the-cover delights with.  I am ensconced in welcoming surroundings in the foothills of the mountains outside Ruidoso, staying for a couple of nights with my wonderful friend who lives here, and we are having ourselves a fine visit as I make my way Westward towards Arizona and the big adventure awaiting.  You know, it’s a good thing when you get to keep the friend when a relationship goes off the tracks and there were indeed friends involved, and there almost always are.  In fact I would not have known this marvelous woman had it not been for the man now left behind, for they had been some manner of friends many years before, and he renewed his acquaintance with her several years ago after I was in the picture.  He’s the one out of the picture now, and I got the gift of a real and deep friendship that I treasure.  And it comes with visits to the mountains in New Mexico, pine trees in my view, wonderful dogs, and Stitch – the cat of cats – one of my favorite felines of the ages.  Isn’t it funny how things work out.

I left Texas yesterday in a whirlwind of packing and sorting and in the end just throwing it all in bags to be resorted before the river trip.  One thing always leads to three others, and I didn’t think I’d ever get out of the house, but get I did.  And then to drive through the most prolific abundance of wildflowers the Hill Country has seen in years.  I don’t remember such an array of colors in the springtime show in many years past .  Bluebonnets thick and healthy, Indian paintbrushes and blankets both, prickly poppies, deep pink phlox the likes of which I’ve not seen …. And then yellows and oranges and purples and on and on…. all together!  It was a riot of color, and a glorious goodbye as I trekked north and west.  I had to stop and photograph – it was just too good to pass by…. or to just pass by without honoring the gifts bestowed.

I left the warmth of spring in Texas to find myself in cooler climes every time I made a stop for gas or pit, and it had made it to downright brisk by the time I landed in Roswell – the last destination point for the unfortunate aliens of legend and lore.   So when I finally arrived at my friend’s place and exited my vehicle with darkness having moved in, and a clear, twinkling night above me, I was, (but shouldn’t have been) surprised that it was downright cold.  Now I readily admit to having no blood – cold-natured they call it – and it’s a wonder that I ever actually lived in the mountains in Arizona a few lifetimes ago.  I’m seriously wondering if I’ve brought enough winter clothing to survive all this, but they tell me it’ll be warmer down in the canyon.  I do remember, with a chill, that when I did live in those mountains, we got snow well into April and May, and now I’m cogitating on just what I’ve gotten myself into.  I’ve hardly approached warm since I’ve been here, and it’s a full blown sun day out there.  Methinks that I’ve lost the edge on the mountaineering lifestyle.  I’m getting perilously close to whining here – I’d better get a grip.  Or is it “the grip” that I’m going to get while freezing those noogies off in the cold depths of the water logged realms below the rim?  I wonder how many frozen rafters they’ve air-lifted out?  (Stop it stop it stop it…..)

And so, tomorrow…. Arizona!  I will push on to Scottsdale to meet up with my photographer/fellow river rat girlfriend, and then we’ll gather ourselves together to make the final leg to Flagstaff on Saturday, to be shuttled up to  Page where all the river rats will await our communal drop off on the river Sunday morning, and then it’ll be Rafts Away!

However, I get to have another little serendipitous meeting with another of those new friends I haven’t met yet on Saturday evening.  It looks like I’ll have perhaps another story to tell before it’s all over.  And if wireless is available in the places to which I travel in the next couple of days, you shall hear more.  Right now, time to get a little rest.  That is, after I do a goodly bit of organizing all those items I threw in the car yesterday.  Another long drive tomorrow, as I see what’s in store around the next curve of the road, and beyond the rapids of the river.

And ah, Stitchie has returned to my side, gently pawing for my attention, purring with abandon, giving me the best of himself he can offer as we ponder our last night together.  All love should be so genuine, so easy, so soft…. and oh, when he looks into my eyes…..

Stay tuned…..


4 Responses to “And We’re Off!!!”

  1. Ahhh….this brought a smile to my face. Great bit of writing! Such an enjoyable read. Have a wonderful, spirit-expanding trip Queenie!

  2. Oh Lordy..don’t scare me like that!! I thought you had been distracted and way layed by another ne’re do well male. I was afraid you would arrive all love struck and gooey eyed…whew….thankfully just a lovely kitty harm there!

    Waiting with baited breath to start our journey. I know you’re almost to Arizona…….can’t wait!!

  3. queeniesays Says:

    Oh very funny. Queenie hasn’t been way “layed” in so long that… oh never mind.

    And so we begin. Aren’t we just going to have us a swell time?

  4. ahhhhh…..this blog was like a lullaby, melodious….possibly the best yet. I am not so worried about us. I think we will make it. Your Guardian Angel.

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