Run River Run

Queenie is very soon off to the river.  My my.  So many things seem to be about rivers lately.  I know I’m a Pisces, but there has been so much to-do about rivers these days that I feel somewhat like a salmon planning to head upstream to spawn, and we all know that comes to not such a swell end.  Perhaps I can turn this into a metaphorical drift and say that I am heading to the river to renew my life, and really, that’s exactly true.  I suppose if George Sr. can fling himself out of airplanes at his age, I can take myself for another ride down the river.  It must be time, because I seem to be going.

I have spent inordinate amounts of well-earned money for more supplies, adding to or even replacing some of the things I amassed the last time I went for a river ride. Now I know that rafting the river is really no excuse for a fashion show, but surely Queenie deserves a couple of updated duds in honor of her royal adventure.  But of course.  And sometimes it just does an old girl good to have something new about her.

I don’t have nearly the photographic technical dohickies and multitudinous lenses and a gaggle of unbelievable megapixels like some of my fellow shooters, but I’m just not that kind of photographer.  I like to shoot from the hip, and shoot a lot, (lordy mercy do I love digital), but I will break down and use a tripod when I have to.  And I will likely have to do just that some goodly amount on this trip.  (Or should….. And well, we all know about those Shoulds and Have Tos…. Pesky things.  A lot of them actually good and rewarding for us, but still they often feel pesky and weighted down.  I guess I’m opting for Should Lite.)  I have a quite capable camera, – a better one than I had on the first run – and it should do me absolutely fine.  And yes, I bought a new tripod.  I am nothing if not reasonably responsible.

A very good friend who I barely know and hardly ever see will be with me on the river.  Her third round, my second.  She’s gone rather large time with Arizona Highways, (having even gotten on the cover now, not once but twice!), but she still allows me to speak to her and even deign to play with her in the canyon.  We have been on two photo trips together, and get along quite famously.  She may soon perhaps have more time for traveling, and maybe we can just figure out a way to do that….. sort of a Photographic Not Quite Ladies Version of Thelma and Louise, maybe, with fun shenanigans and no end in sight.  Likely not in a convertible, either, and no Brad Pitt moments.  I’m putting her on notice now that I want to drive across Utah for about three weeks in the fall, and hike, and maybe kayak on Lake Powell.  I’m manifesting as I type.

I know a little more this time about being on the river.  I will soak my hands in lotion or creams at every good occasion and sleep in gloves with fingers slathered in salve.  The river – the sand and the water and the antibacterial soap used at every turn – all those take the hardest toll on your hands than most any other part of you.  Unless you take a whack on the knee or twist an ankle with a fall on the rocks, not an unknown event, and one which I intend to avoid at every opportunity.

If there are as many wildflowers and cactus blooming down in the bottom of the canyon as there are here – it will be no less than fabulous.  After last year’s drought and heat, there was a dearth of wildflowers in the spring.  But this year is already fabulous, and bluebonnets are thick thick thick.  Last I heard it was still snowing somewhere, maybe out West, but it’s going to be what it is, and I shall just be prepared for whatever.  I am taking what I believe to be a very reasonable amount of warm clothing, for there is not much more that Queenie dislikes than being cold, and possibly wet – a situation she finds most distressing, and especially so both at the same time.  It’s easy to wear less.  It’s hard to wear more if you don’t have it.  I shall be having it.

Just a few more days now.  Probably no more time than it will take to get all these piles and intentions and supplies and earth dreams and necessaries together.  I know I’m in the middle of a big change.  I’ve been in it for a long time, and there’s a limit to how long you can stay in the birth canal.  I have heard all about Patience, and know it’s one of those life lesson things, (comes under the Pesky category, if you ask me), and I try to respect and honor it.  But after that long while, perhaps you sort of just lose interest in Patience and want to get along with whole thing.  I mean – surely, SURELY I have learned, finally, some amount more of these life lessons to get down the road a ways with a lighter heart and better prospects.  And yes, I know, all that is up to me, and has not so much to do with Patience, but Preparation.  And Preparation takes DOING, and practice.  Comes a time though when you hope your Practice has turned into a doable life – one in which you do your thing without so much thought anymore as to HOW you’re doing it – that second nature thing – and one you’re truly satisfied with.  Seems like Satisfaction would be a wonderful thing, and no wonder I was never a Rolling Stones girl.  Why I would I want to hang around with anyone who couldn’t never get no Satisfaction?  Especially myself.

It’s April now.  The birthday celebrating is over for another year….. and just in time.  And now time to just celebrate living, and experiencing a life instead of a bad movie.  Sometimes movies are just bad enough to be camp and you can somehow enjoy them, but you wouldn’t want a steady diet of it.  I’m eager to see what comes next, and nothing like going a thousand miles to take yourself a ride in the River of Life, and who knows what’s around the next bend.

Time to start packing.


4 Responses to “Run River Run”

  1. Have a spectacular time Queenie!! It sounds like it is going to be quite the adventure!

  2. Let me understand something first…..just so I can prepare my wing harness. Are we rafting and taking pictures at the same time….oar in one hand and brand new camera in the other! Will there be any banditos shooting at us from the cliffs? Just asking? Your G.A.

  3. queeniesays Says:

    I think we’re good on this one. The only bandito incident I ever heard of was on the Rio Grande, not the Colorado, and the natives are pretty friendly in this part of the woods…. er, river. At least things have improved greatly since John Wesley Powell’s bunch went through and had some tough times with the not so friendly natives up top. We’ll be lucky to see many denizens, and they’re usually mountain sheep or deer, or the occasional mouse that might run across your sleeping bag at night. This trip is a little different in that we’ll have – yes – an oar boat, that will indeed give us the opportunity to try our hand at actual rowing, or oaring…. whatever we can manage. The rest of the time is in the big pontoon rafts, where sometimes you can just sit and enjoy the drift, or just hang on like all get out when going through the rapids. Seldom do you get the fancy cameras out on the river, unless it’s a prolonged period of easy riding. Otherwise, you’re risking everything to water and more water, and then a little more COLD water, and that’s definitely not what you want to subject your precious expensive camera to. So there’s not likely to be any fabulous action shots of Queenie getting doused in the rapids, hanging on to her tiara. Too bad…….

    Just don’t forget your Mae West. Or do you just float above, laughing all the while, while the rest of us are screaming….. and then we all laugh.

    So glad you’re coming along.

  4. I’ll be there…doing my job.
    Your job is to believe in yourself and to believe in contentment….and this is the most important part…..believe beyond your self. Let’s roll…

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