DRAMA…. or not

I’m done with drama.  I mean, I am tired of paying for the drama in my life.  There’s surely enough of it coming around the next bend unexpected, so why live in such a way that your common, everyday life is lived with short fuses and drama bombs in the back of your closet.  Every once in a while, one of them manages to roll out.  Not fun.

Now I’m not saying that I propose a life that is devoid of excitement and unexpected things of a pleasing and jovial variety, or anything resembling “common.”  Quite the contrary.  Queenie has already been semi-widely publicized as one who is quite enamored of the Good Time to be Had, and stating that the primary responsibility of living these lives we’ve been graced with is to Have Fun, while living a Responsible Life.  Simple as that.  (Queenie has a pithy, relevant quote for that “simple” thing, too — conveniently found in her little book, available to you out there in CyberLand.  And sorry for the blatant example of self-promotion….. somebody’s got to do it.)

But this drama stuff is life shortening and just plain unhealthy.  I’m feeling lucky to be as healthy as I am considering how much negative poop of the bull that I inflicted into my body and pysche via my own decisions and choices.  Enlightenment comes with a price if you take the very long road to get there, and  then don’t pay attention while on the journey.  No one should be bitten twice by a rattlesnake, wouldn’t you think?  Or don’t you think that once bitten, you at least wouldn’t get a ways down the road and stop yourself in the middle of your daily byway to pick up another snake that looked just like the last one!  You know, I think I could pitifully say that I picked up the same snake three times.  The first time was defensible, (ignorance being bliss and all that), but the last couple are less charitably referred to.  That very last round left me with a painful price.  Ah well, such are our lessons.  But you know, I finally got it.  It’s amazing to FINALLY get something, and still be alive to tell the tale.  And have enough life left in you to still shake your tailfeathers.  I am exceedingly grateful for all and whatever I can still get.  And give.

But I’m not going to subscribe to the Drama Channel of Life anymore.  I’m not going to pay for it with little pieces of me.  Pieces that don’t grow back.  I’m feeling better and better about so many things, and one of them is me.  I highly recommend it.  It’s really hard to like and respect yourself when you are living in such a way that promotes lesser versions of the self that you wish to claim as a decent human being.

I also give kudos to the teachings of Susan Elliott, (Queenie’s Favorite Advisor, over there to the right), who has been offering up incredible pearls of wisdom and experience of the highest caliber, from the living of her own life.  She’s had quite a ride, and continues to.  We all have, we all do.  My best wishes and dreams to all of us on the road, travelers on the journey.

My journey’s getting damned entertaining lately.  I am having quite the wonderful time, and good things keep finding their way to me.  They are sometimes leavened with interesting ingredients, but all in all, not bad.  Not bad at all.  Soon I am off to art related activities in the not quite so wilds of West Texas, with good friends in accompaniment.  Does life get any better than that?  Why, yes, it does.  I’ll also have a back roads adventure with more friends, and then another back road experience with a new friend I’m yet to meet – in person.

And then there’s birthdays and Raul Malo in concert (and DANCING!) and more friends, and after that, I’m heading for the Big River – with yet more friends, and a HUGE adventure.  Holy cow.  I’m having a swell life here.  Not bad for one who thought she’d keel over from sadness and dysfunction for too many years maybe not so long ago.  Let me tell you, this is lots better.

Climb aboard if you will.  I think the ride’s going to be interesting.  And FUN!  Names will have to be changed, but we’re going to have us some adventures and good times.  Y’all ready?


5 Responses to “DRAMA…. or not”

  1. GREAT entry! A celebration! Shake those tail feathers!!!

    • queeniesays Says:

      Why, I thank you. I look forward to celebrating with you, dear friend, some one of these days. RM singing in the background…………

  2. Ahhh….haaaa! It just does not matter how one gets back to his/her own magnificently omniscient soul, does it? Accountability is always the answer to getting your belongings, that being…your mind, your heart, your spirit, your joy, your physical self, your mind (important enough to say it twice),your future…..back on your side of the line. Taking back what is yours, along with the accountability for your decisions (the good, bad, and ugly) is a breath taking experience. You are back in control and with that control you begin to understand that no one else has power over you and no one else is to blame. It’s kind of a two-edged sword, queenie, but well worth the danger…just “handle with care” as the package says.
    This high you are on, like shooting out of the birth canal for the first time and realizing that the cozy little nurturing womb your mother provided is gone, but you are alive and screaming in delight. And just like a new born, start learning how to ween yourself from your mama’s tit and get on with your own life. You are a survivor, and like all survivors, (train wrecks, burning buildings, etc.) you are still living, while others did not survive. There is a mania that goes with survival, almost an hysterical laugh at the horrible scene you just survived. For whatever reason, you made it…..by your own grit…celebrating now like a landing on the moon! Queenie….you made it! You are on the other side. But remember….Don’t go back….no, no, no, no, no.
    Unleashing ourselves from grief and jumping off the cliff into joy is an unchartered territory for some of us who are hell bent on the familiar, even if it kills us. Don’t stay the course, don’t bury your head and keep walking forward, don’t keep pounding on the wall…don’t ya do it, queenie. Get off of the treadmill and on to the wonderful path you seem to be on now. There ain’t no cheese on that old track, as you and I well know. After all, I am your guardian angel, and I am worn out looking after you. I need a vacation and some fun and I hear that we are ready for fun. Correcto mundo, no more drama!
    Queenie, I’m in it for the long haul…this is the job I was assigned back on your birthday. Let’s have some fun….water rafting, art shows, friends, joy, contentment and more enlightenment. I’ve bandaged my broken wing and I’m ready to fly with you again. Please, no more brick walls…these wings can’t take it.
    With more love than you will ever imagine, your guardian angel.

    • queeniesays Says:

      Not goin’ back. No way No how No kidding. Ever. And you better be there with me, still and always, but you are hereby invited to be Off The Guardian Angel Clock. Let me take it for a while. You’ve earned some time off, and believe me, we are going to have FUN. I can’t imagine, (well, yes I can), the frustration you must’ve endured over these last years. Your forehead may be damn well dented from all the head slapping you’ve delivered, courtesy of my non-seeing eyes. Well, no more. Full speed ahead, with time allowed for stopping to smell the wildflowers, and taking a few pictures, of course.

      Such a great mystery here…. wondering who you are, but some mysteries are better left unsolved. Goes into the categories of Faith and Believing. I do believe in you, and that’s that. Lord knows what would’ve happened to me if you hadn’t been there!

      Stick with me, this is a whole new life. And this particular upcoming birthday is one for celebration of the highest order. Born again, indeed. And we’re gonna write us some stories, baby.

      My eternal gratitude. And if your broken wing mending ever needs an assist, I’m there. For both of us. Meantime I’m floating and flying on my own, and it feels wonderful…… as you already know.

      I haven’t felt this good in a long long time…….. thank you, again. And again and again. Now go find your biggest hat – we’re going for a ride.

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