We interrupt our regular programming…

Well dearies – I had a nice little continuation working on the train of thought that was going here, (which I’m sure will show up soon), but I had to take that train off to the siding to pass on words of praise and profound jawdroppedness.

I have just returned from seeing the movie AVATAR.  I know, this isn’t supposed to be “that kind” of blog, but…. BUT…. I have to say, I do believe it was the best movie I’ve ever seen.  Big words, yes.  The kudos are flying in the reviews I now find out, and I’d heard it was good, but I’ve been so busy in other arenas of late that I hadn’t actually read or heard any of the interviews or print reports.  Oh my.  Going in not knowing so much – maybe it was even better that way.  No expectations or pre-conceived notions – I knew there were Blue People involved somehow – but I was totally captivated, involved, and stupefied at and by the special effects.  The story was a “standard one” – all the old heroes and villains – Good vs. Evil – love story – war – environmentalism – a righteous dose of UmmaGumma stuff – I don’t want to say or give away too much for those who haven’t seen it yet.  But GO.  There are allegories aplenty for so much that we do right, and wrong, as human beings.  It’s right-in-your-face obvious what the Message is, but you don’t care.  It just felt so rewarding to see that SOMEBODY out there gets it, too, and is presenting it in the most entertaining, sensory overload beautiful production that could, or really can’t, be imagined.  The sheer BEAUTY of it is mesmerizing, and I kept thinking to myself – as one who is continually disappointed in the progress (or lack of it) by human beings – that isn’t it downright amazing that such a thing could even be made, and put up there in front of our eyes and ears – and brains.  It was another “Lord of the Rings,” another “Star Wars,” but then it was something beyond that.  So timely, addressing what is happening on our planet RIGHT NOW, as we rape, pillage and plunder in the name of Honor and Good Guys, which is actually a sham for Greed and Power.  The heroes and villains are obviously drawn, and you want to hiss and boo, and I wanted to yell a lot… but (sigh), I didn’t.  If you live in or near enough a big enough city to offer an IMAX for the 3D experience, go for it.  It won’t disappoint.  I heard the people ahead of me talking as they exited the theatre – “Well, I have a new best movie…” —  Indeed.  I do, too.  (Of course there will always be Room With a View and The Long, Long Trailer, but…..)  There was solely one word in it that I found cheesy and beneath the intelligence of the entirety, but I won’t tell you and I bet you hear it, too.  James Cameron is forgiven for that, however, in the light of everything else he gifted us with.  Thank you, Mr. Cameron.

Go with friends, lovers, strangers even, alone if you have to.  Make time for a discussion over coffee and dinner or dessert afterwards.  Maybe take some Kleenex if you’re the emotional type.  I’ve already been told men have cried…..very special men, I’m sure.  I cried for a lot of reasons, but lately I’ve been a crier over most every little thing.  (It’s OK, I’m a Pisces – driven by emotion – I get a pass.)  But likely some of you other strong types will take a hit on this one.  It’s just magnificent, and I was telling strangers at the bookstore about it as I checked out there on my way home.  (By the way, I had stopped to get Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book, hot off the presses for today’s opening sales.  Those who know me will be likewise rocked to hear the title: Commitment.  And believe me, THAT is a whole ‘nother subject.  Not going there today, but I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it before long, be sure of that!)

Alright, I suppose that is enough of this Public Service Announcement.  Who’d ever have thought I’d be doing this in this blog?  Well, there’s that Raul Malo thing, too.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled program….. well, maybe tomorrow.  I don’t think I’ve got the heart or the mind to go to that place now, and it’ll keep.  It’ll keep.

Wow.  What a movie.


12 Responses to “We interrupt our regular programming…”

  1. Hi !!
    So, I received an email from a friend this evening which read:
    “There’s someone who blogs under your nickname “Queenie” and LOVED Avatar and LOVES Raul Malo…hahaha…Have no idea who she is but thought you should see her blog.”
    I wrote her back saying that reading your entry here was a touch eerie! In many ways, it was like reading my own writing!
    I’m referred to as TheQueen more often than Queenie, but both titles are used more frequently than my name!
    One of my passions–and means of prosperity– is photography!
    I’ve been raving about Avatar since seeing it a week ago!! Wrote some about it on my Facebook wall, participated in a great Facebook thread about it, certainly have added it to my list of favorite movies! For all the same reasons you’re mentioning! My husband and I agreed on the way home that it was a magnificent metaphor of Spirit vs. Ego. Almost went to see it again last night–already!
    Now, about “that Raul Malo thing”……!!????
    I’m also involved in another website: fivesistersentertainment.com
    Early afternoon today, we confirmed with the booking agent to promote another R.M. show!! This will be our third show with him!
    I presently have three of his CD’s in my six-CD changer in my car, and yes… sometimes he’s singing while I’m cleaning the house, working in the yard….you now get the picture! And speaking of pictures….taking photos at a Raul show is really fabulous!! Exercising several different passions all at the same time! Almost sensory overload! Or would we term that ecstasy!?
    With light, love and blessings,
    TheQueen !!

    • queeniesays Says:

      Aha…. I think I know who you are – sort of. My “friend” on the RM forum told me there was another Queen about, but I had no idea you were taken prisoner by the photography muse also. Tough duty, isn’t it? Isn’t it entirely too wonderful to do for a “living,” (and consider the deep meaning of that phrase), something that you absolutely passionately LOVE? There really isn’t much “work” involved, except for dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s of presentation and just getting it out there. Well, there has been considerable schlepping at art shows….. but even that is a Labor of Love. Queenie has, however, enacted the Royal Rule that there shall be no more outdoor art shows. I’ve flirted with enough disaster already, and seen enough of the remnants of booths AND art when storms steamrolled through, and heard WAY enough horror stories of tents flying away. And as for our man RM – we shall continue to spread the word. All of us “in the know,” (sigh), know exactly of what we speak. It’s another club for the enlightened, sort of like “talking” to another who has rafted the Grand Canyon. You just don’t have to talk about it……. you KNOW.

      I’m going to write you personally via email – we have a lot to “talk” about, huh? Thank you for getting in touch. Us Queens gotta stick together!

  2. Haven’t seen Avatar yet…but want to and hadn’t heard RM until I went to his website! He’s awesome! Think I’ll be getting me some new CDs.

  3. Yeah, Baby!! Glad to hear you’re doing your job, Queenie!! Spreadin’ the word & the love!! Sharing CD’s w/ Dottie is part of “the devirginization” process, you know!?!? Going to a live show completes the process! Hey….send me an email!!

    Dottie: Ooohhh, you’ll be a changed woman! Then, you’ll be doing the job, too!
    Enjoy, my dear! ; )

  4. Loved your review…I got your link from “The Queeen” cited above who is my photog friend and has also turned me on to Raul Malo… what a small world..
    I saw AVATAR tonight for the first time and just was swept up, in and away with it. Absolutely mesmerized by every aspect of it….We did just as you said..went to dinner and talked about it..then in the car and back home. So much to savor and think about and enjoy. I saw it in 3D, but when I get my husband to see it with me I think we will go to IMAX…it want to see it all again!
    When will RM be in the Philly area again??? Now I must see him…another story to be told….

    • queeniesays Says:

      Thanks for checking in, and I’m so glad you were taken away by Avatar. Quite the experience, isn’t it? (A rather different one than seeing Raul live, but then they should be. Check on his website for tour info. All of us Malomamas, and the guys, too, are very up on when he’s coming to their personal area.)

      You know, I heard a very sad story yesterday from a friend of mine who had also seen the movie, and then was talking about it to someone she had seen in her business office. That particular someone had refused to go see Avatar because, (are you ready for this – probably not), she had “heard that it was anti-American, anti-Military, and pushing a left wing agenda.” THIS is the kind of -insert expletive here- that makes me want to throw crockery. Lady, who exactly reached into your skull and removed your brain? Your power and ability to think for yourself, come to your own conclusions? THIS, my friends, is part of what’s wrong with, I don’t know…. not just America, but every thought silencing, disempowering, knee-jerk reactionary societal controlling POWER and GREED seeking bunch that exists. Not a new story, hardly at all, but it’s been the modus operandi of those types forever, and as long as the “human” condition persists, it will be in evidence…. until…… well, this is what Enlightenment is all about, but there’s still not nearly enough of it. OK, end of rant. See the movie, make your own conclusion, but please don’t surrender your independent thought process and depend on someone else to set your mind for you…. (not even me, I guess, Bona Fides or not.)

      • OH, Ladies!! This just really tickled me that “Queenie” and “Hillary” have made contact! Another connection in the links, which when thinking of that subject, I envision the aerial scene from the movie looking down on all the Avatars, as they are connected.
        Re: the particular someone who is refusing to go see the movie…..because of her (yada, yada, yada) reasons, she’s obviously not ready for the messages that lie therein. And this presents us another chance to just allow others to be who and what they are.
        I believe this movie will help (probably many) others to at least begin to ‘get it’. As for the above referenced someone, too bad for her! Her demonstration of stubbornness is certainly restricting her own growth and evolvement, but those are her lessons. My hope is that she will see some light, sometime soon, not only for her own sake, but obviously for everyone else, too.
        Hillary: Queenie offers a good suggestion here: check RM’s tour info. He frequents some of the same venues he’s played before (the booking agents do that, making it easier on…..well, everyone involved). Point being, my guess is that sometime soon, he’ll be playing at that venue close to you, where you missed him not too long ago. And believe me, I am VERY much looking forward to hearing all about your ‘live’ experience with RM !!
        One of the ‘virgins’ we took to a show a while back was really only going for the ‘girls road trip’!! About halfway through his first song, she very (positively!) emotionally stated: “OH…..DEAR GOD!!”
        I pretty much did the same thing when Maria took me to my first show! And I only went to hang out with Maria!
        Blessings, Ladies!

      • queeniesays Says:

        Well, Queen, you were entirely kinder than I, or less ballistic, about the lost opportunity for “getting it” experienced by said Lady. Of course, in her less bombastic moments, Queenie is aware of the different courses of our journeys and our lessons. I suppose it’s all perfectly as is should be, but sometimes that’s very hard to swallow, especially when you consider those lost opportunities of expansion and Ah Ha’s. (Not to mention the Wows.)

        But speaking of Wows, I had thought I perceived a certain virgin quality to our Hillary’s comments, and started to mention same. Oh my, I didn’t know for sure if we were discussing a de-virginization experience. Your “OH…. DEAR GOD!!” made Queenie’s day. Too funny, but oh so true. And by the way, if you have a chance to discuss such a thing with our Mr. M, please tell him NOT to come to Queenie’s corner of the kingdom in April….. she’ll be rafting the Grand, and unavailable for swooning. And that would be a crying shame.

  5. Queenie,
    I just wanted to chime in and tell you how thrilled I am that you have met one of my dearest friends Kathy Jean, The Queen. You two have so much in common it is truly scary. Can’t wait for you two to meet in person. I’ve been telling Kathy we need a road trip to TX to participate in some Texas shenanigans…this is all the more reason. I need to start saving my pennies!

    I am enjoying reading your blogs! Keep ’em coming.

    • queeniesays Says:

      Oh Sister Maria, you are so ON! Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get to your corner of the world for The Event, (art stuff, what a conflicting blessing), so we’ll just have to get your wonderful selves out here for the Gruene thing. But as I told The Queen, (below, or somewhere – I don’t know how these things get ordered as they do in Blogworld – I hope the official RM Texas Shenanigans don’t happen in April because I’ll be riding the river. Perhaps you can mention such to his wonderful self, and influence him? Well, we Queens can dream, can we not? But I WILL get out there when it works…. how could I not?

      The connections are indeed amazing and serendipitous – almost not to be believed. New friendships on so many levels! You are on the Must Meet List also! Ain’t life grand? So very much to look forward to.

      I don’t think I could stop this if I wanted to. Grateful thanks for the support, and please keep chiming. (And see you on the forum! Shall we cruise next year?)

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