This then, is the beginning…….

Greetings, gentle readers, whoever you may be.  I suppose for some great while I will be writing to only myself, but I find that in most of my pontificating, I’m talking to myself anyway.  I often find that what I deign to offer to others as enlightenment is just what I need to be hearing myself.  As is said, (so many times as to make it a numbing platitude), it’s a journey, and all of us are on the road in one way or another.  These are daunting days, filled with question and change, (or lack of it.)  And if we don’t recognize and guard against it, not a little Fear.  I’d like to make it my personal quest to banish Fear — blink and send it to the cornfield like that rotten little boy did in the Twilight Zone.  It’s the most disabling entity on the planet, a tool of twisted power, and for too many our default mode.  It’s got a voracious appetite, but with a little courage and maybe a lot of work, it can be starved out.  I never thought I’d start these missives with putting Fear out there at the get-go, but these days, (a recurring theme, I’m finding), it’s what has emerged as Queenie’s Enemy #1 on my hit list.  I’ve seen it destroy people, or at least cripple them into living less than their highest potential.  Well, that, and maybe a lack of moral fiber, but I just hate to see it win over Hope, and the greatest power of all, Love.  But it happens, every day.

So I’m picking up my sword, yet again, and here I go, tilting at windmills and doing what Kelsey Grammer once described as his way to make it through the dark times, and one of my favorite quotes: Stagger Onward Rejoicing.  Wish I could claim it, but I’ve got enough of my own, as you’ll see.  So here we go, off on another exciting adventure, as Tom Terrific used to say to Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog.  Uh oh, Queenie has been dated.  Oh well, if I weren’t this old, I wouldn’t know so danged much.  But the old girl still has a lot of life in her, and she’s not going down without a fight.  Saddle up, y’all.  Road Trip!


4 Responses to “This then, is the beginning…….”

  1. I will be waiting with baited breath.

    Stagger onward my friend!

  2. High Ho Silver!!! Way to jump (or stagger) in Queenie by going straight to the top with that brandishing sword. Courage and work and time indeed temper the steel, as nothing else can, to a fine patina. Old foe Fear will find itself soon decapitated, though like a chicken in the same state, may flop about scaring us to death if we let it.

    Queenie has arrived!!!!!

    • Queenie, absolutley beautiful. I felt so many emotions while reading what you have written. Fear knocked at the door… this time Faith answered. So proud of you my friend, keep believing in yourself, and always remember YOU are whole and perfect, just as you were created. Stay teachable and true to yourself, always, I Love you Andee

  3. Lisetta Oblinik Says:

    right on

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